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Springsteen, E Street to hit the road in August
Bruce Springsteen is planning to hit the road with the E Street Band during the second week of August, according to E Streeter Steve Van Zandt.
The guitarist told The Boston Herald the tour will be timed to coincide with the July release of Springsteen’s forthcoming album “The Uprising.”
“(The new album) is just terrific,” Van Zandt told the paper.
“Very different, very interesting and absolutely tremendous. There are elements in it from every record we’ve done, but it’s not like any of them.”
While it may recall earlier Springsteen-E Street collaborations, Van Zandt told The Herald the disc also reflects recent events.
“There is a very, very coherent theme throughout it. It deals with our state of mind as a culture in a post-Sept. 11 world. I realized as I listened to it all the way through that art really plays a vitally important role in our culture,” the paper quoted Van Zandt.
“We’re the only culture in the world that ignores art and treats it like a luxury, but here is a case where there is a feeling that we all have that can’t be verbalized in normal speech, and after I listened to the record, that says it. Art can actually express the unspeakable.
“The new songs absolutely add up to something greater than the sum of the parts,” he said.
“It’s got that ‘Sgt. Pepper’ kind of vibe, and I won’t be surprised if that comes up in the reviews. This is the first time you’ll hear traces of the Beatles’ influence in the music, which has never been obvious before.”