Would you sign him to your label?

THE King of Pop’s “crusade” against Sony Music is a face-saving strategy. Insiders say Sony is sick of the unprofitable Michael Jackson and is releasing two “greatest hits” albums back-to-back next year, just to get rid of him. “Michael has two albums on his contract left, and Sony will deal with it in the only way it can be profitable – a greatest hits compilation,” a source reports. Jackson’s last “original” album for the label, “Invincible,” flopped upon its release last year. “Sony can’t figure out what Michael’s beef is with them,” our source said. “They were startled when he had that whole press conference with Johnnie Cochran and Al Sharpton, claiming he was a slave to the music industry.” Sony was said to be caught completely unaware. “Michael is trying to get some more publicity so that he can get a record deal with another company when the contract with Sony is up. Sony let him know a while ago they wouldn’t be re-signing him,” the spy added.