Hey Dan, I know you are busy, but could you please take just a minute to let me know what’s new in theatres this weekend?

Oh, okay!
Three new films bow this weekend on the Summer Movie Season’s incredibly busy (and profitable) slate.
Up first is Scooby- Doo. This feature film version of the classic cartoon is aimed at kids. Young kids. VERY young kids. It was interesting, but I never thought it was great. Well, no, I guess that’s not totally true. I thought Linda Cardellini, who plays Velma, was great! Attractive, sexy and great! Nerdy chicks rule!
Windtalkers intended to rule the box office last November, but when the terrorist attacks took place, the film was delayed until now. All I have to say is, from start to finish, the movie rocks! The action lives up and goes beyond John Woo’s usual performance. The film has cheesy moments here and there, but overall I refer you to my above “rocks” comment.
If it wasn’t for the two other new entries this weekend Matt Damon’s action thriller The Bourne Identity would probably have ruled the roost. Even now, with it being a bit too stiff and stereotypical, it should do well. Plus it has Franka Potente, from RUN LOLA RUN, so that is cool, and so is she!
In retrospect, I enjoyed The Bourne Identity more than Scooby- Doo or Windtalkers but that might not be saying much.
And as for whether I enjoyed watching Linda Cardellini or Franka Potente more, let me just say that I enjoy them both for different reasons.
Enjoy the sexy, hot, delicious ladies, oops,… I mean Popcorn! Enjoy the popcorn and I’ll see you at the movies!