De doo doo doo, De dah dah, Dan! Hey Dan! What’s new in theatres this weekend? I’m hoping for a big budget action film or a chick flick, can you help me out?

Oh, I Can Help You Out!
This weekend’s new films are exactly what the doctor ordered. A big budget action film and a chick flick. Let’s start with the latter.
The chick flick!
Sorry, haven’t seen Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. I’m a guy!
But someone who did see it told me that it, and I quote:
“…you should enjoy The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood if you are old and you have a vagina (though one could make a point that people from the South and those who wear big, floppy hats might also be in this film’s target demographic).† I am not old, nor do I have a vagina.† I live north of the Mason-Dixon line and do not own any floppy hats.†
The film’s humor is base and juvenile (complete with fart and puke jokes), and appeals to the lowest common denominator as much as, say, Sorority Boys did. Aside from two or three funny bits, the only other thing worth mentioning is the music.”
So there. Now I must admit that if a beautiful woman asked me to take her to this film, I would probably go. Otherwise…
It didn’t take a beautiful woman, or any woman for that matter, to make me want to go and see Bad Company, even though it was directed by Joel Schumacher, the man who single handedly ruined the BATMAN movie franchise.
I went because the flick was produced by action uber- producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who likes to blow things up real good in his films.
And blow this movie does! It blows up real good! And luckily Bad Company isn’t all that bad. Sure, it panders to the dumbest guy in the theater, but there is some bang for your ten bucks. Chris Rock is very funny, and surprisingly, a solid leading man when needed. Now Anthony Hopkins, on the other hand, couldn’t look more bored if he tried.
So check your brain at the door and you will enjoy the popcorn/Summer movie fluff that is Bad Company.
Or go and see Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. It’s your time and money!
Either way, enjoy the popcorn and I’ll see you at the movies.