Finally! A Confirmation!

Spielberg confirms ‘Indy 4’ details
Never fear, Indiana Jones fans. Harrison Ford is more than up to the task of starring in a fourth film in the series, according to Steven Spielberg.
Spielberg told Cinescape that despite the almost 25 years that have passed since “Raiders Of The Lost Ark,” he has no doubt that Ford can handle the physical demands of the action role.
“Harrison Ford can still kick the shit out of most people half his age,” Spielberg told Cinescape.
“I think he’s in great condition to put the fedora and the hat and the leather jacket back on and crack that bullwhip a few more times.”
The screenplay for the as-yet-untitled “Indiana Jones 4” is being written by Frank Darabont, the writer-director of “The Green Mile” and “The Shawshank Redemption.”
“We just made Frank’s deal two weeks ago. We have the story, which is a story George Lucas wrote. It’s a wonderful story. We have Harrison Ford, who’s approved the story. He’s ready to perform in the movie,” Spielberg told Cinescape.
He also confirmed that the movie will likely be shot in May 2004. The movie is being targeted for release during the July 4 weekend of 2005, so as not to conflict with Lucas’s final “Star Wars” film, which is due during the U.S. Memorial Day weekend in May 2005.