Now all I need is “Strange Brew” and “Quick Change” and I will have all the titles I want!

Ed Wood finally joins the Tim Burton library
Fans of offbeat director Tim Burton have been treated to virtually his entire library of films on DVD including his early shorts and indie films. But the one missing piece of the puzzle has always been the semi-biographical look at one of Hollywood’s truly unique directors Ed Wood. The story of Wood is finally slated for a DVD release this summer.
Johnny Depp stars as the high-spirited movieman who refuses to let unfinished scenes, terrible reviews, and hostile studio executives derail his big-screen dreams. With an oddball collection of showbiz misfits, Ed takes the art of bad moviemaking to an all-time low!
An anamorphic widescreen transfer will be present on the disc, as will a pleasantly surprising list of features including an audio commentary with Tim Burton and Martin Landau, the documentary Pie Plates over Hollywood and a music video of some sort.
In the words of Wood himself, “We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives.” Now that future will include the film of his life on DVD. Coming on August 13th, the disc will retail for $19.95.