This is one funny movie!

Mindy Sterling, who plays Frau Farbissina, says in a sad tone, “I’m told this is the last Austin film, but I certainly hope there’s a four, five, six and seven. These movies are so much fun and I think we need to laugh these days.”
Sterling divulges, MINOR SPOILER ALERT, “The most hilarious new character is Goldmember who is one of Dr. Evil’s entourage. He’s a big bad guy.”
Contrary to rumors, he isn’t gold-plated. “It was definitely a huge makeup job for Mike Myers to play him. Let me just say that he dresses in gold and he’s really tan.” Many of her scenes are with Caine, who plays Austin’s swinging pop. “He gets kidnapped by Dr. Evil. It’s about Austin getting him back,” she says, adding that the babes are in for double the trouble. “Austin’s dad is also a babe magnet. Frau is actually turned on by him. I cannot say how far she goes or if it becomes a love triangle with Dr. Evil.”
Our bet is on Dr. Evil. “I love that bald, sexy look,” she says. Sterling admits that her toughest scenes were making love to Evil. “Mike Myers just looks at me in his evil, sexy way and I want to laugh until I cry, but I can’t cry or my makeup will run. It’s a horrible dilemma.”