I quite enjoy the song! It is a great cover version.

Ozzy’s Daughter Covers Madonna
The daughter of stadium-packing rock star Ozzy Osbourne may have a hit of her own soon, covering an artist quite unlike her dad.
Kelly Osbourne has released a remake of Madonna’s “Papa Don’t Preach” as part of the soundtrack album from the family’s hit MTV reality series. “The Osbournes,” the highest-rated series in MTV history, follows the daily life of dad Ozzy, mom Sharon, 17-year-old Kelly and 16-year-old Jack.
Kelly Osbourne has never had a singing lesson and did not plan on a recording career, but the Madonna fan said she’s pleased with the results.
“I was really surprised at how well it turned out,” Osbourne told reporters. “When I hear it on the radio, I’m like I still can’t believe that I have a song on the radio.”
It wasn’t supposed to be Kelly’s song, though. Her 18-year-old sister Aimee, known as the mysterious Osbourne because of her refusal to take part in the MTV series, picked the song.
“She was originally supposed to sing it, but didn’t want to. And it was her idea for me to do it,” Osbourne said.
And what does Madonna think of Osbourne’s version of her 1986 hit?
“I heard she liked the song but I don’t really believe it until, like, you hear it firsthand,” Osbourne said.
As for her family’s hit TV show, Osbourne said copycat shows are a “stupid” idea.
“People like it so much. It’s because it was like a first-time thing. And it was just us being us,” she said. “Any other family who would ever do it, they would try and compare it to us, and it might not live up to the expectations that people have.”