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‘Clones’ DVD May Hit Stores Quickly
The new “Star Wars” movie is hitting DVD at light speed compared with “The Phantom Menace.”
“Star Wars: Episode II ó Attack of the Clones” will be available on DVD this fall, the franchise’s creator, George Lucas, said last week in an interview at his film headquarters, Skywalker Ranch.
“Episode I ó The Phantom Menace” came out on videotape early in 2000, about 10 months after the film’s theatrical debut, but the DVD version was not released until a year and a half later. The delay resulted because Lucas was particular about refining deleted material and other DVD bonuses and was busy working on “Episode II.”
Lucas said he’d rather hold off on the “Attack of the Clones” DVD, as well, so he could spend more time tweaking the bonus material.
“But everybody says, `Oh, it’s so much more powerful if you bring it out in the same year as the movie,'” Lucas said. “So we’re doing our best to do that.”
Unfortunately for “Star Wars” fans, the original trilogy will not land on DVD until after Lucas finishes “Episode III,” due out in 2005, he said.