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‘X-Men’ Special Edition DVD Gets ‘X’-tra Special Treatment
With Spider-Man building upon the comic book phenomenon that X-Men first enjoyed in 2000, it’s no surprise that Fox is planning a Special Edition X-Men DVD. What is surprising is the rumored contents of said DVD.
Not only will there be more “making of” features and an audio commentary from director Bryan Singer, but the Special Edition DVD will also have new footage.
And we’re not talking deleted footage here.
Apparently, Fox approved additional funds in the budget of the sequel (X2) for Singer and cast to shoot additional footage for X-Men with the sole purpose of inclusion on this new DVD. While no details have been released on the content of this new footage, it is rumored to be origin footage of some of the other mutants, namely Storm and Cyclops.
This would be the first time in history in which new footage would be shot specifically for the DVD release of a completed (and released) movie.