Giddy- Up!

Was There A “Seinfeld” Reunion In The Works?
According to a top-level source at NBC they tried to launch a Seinfeld reunion special.
Unfortunately, the Peacock network had just one feather lined up for the fanciful event. “Julia Louis-Dreyfus was the only one who said yes,” clucked a high-flying NBC heavy. “So, it’s probably not going to happen.”
Officially, it never did.
“There’s no truth to it,” said an NBC spokesperson. “There were no plans for a reunion.”
Not so (or yada, yada, yada…take your pick), say other well-connected NBC suits. “They really tried for this.”
But to no avail, or so it appears. Players inside Camp Seinfeld say Chief Jerry would “never go back” to the TV arena. “He could hardly top himself, could he?” asked one close chum rhetorically.
Maybe, maybe not. But I’d watch it.