This is sad news

Star Trek’s Scotty Falls Into Coma
The Sy Fy Portal Web site posted a report that James Doohan has slipped into a coma after suffering a recurrence of pneumonia and is not expected to recover. The site based the report on a source close to Doohan’s family, who told the site that Doohan has been in a comatose state in an intensive care unit for the past two weeks.
“He never recovered from the bout with pneumonia and had even been re-hospitalized and released again without anybody finding out,” the source told the site. “It seems just a matter of his system shutting down at this point and how long it will take. Just meeting him the [past] few times has been pretty hard, as you could easily see how much he had slowed down mentally. The only reason he was attending those [conventions] was to raise money for his daughter. I guess we’re lucky we’ve had him as long as this.”
The 82-year-old actor was first hospitalized with pneumonia in February, but apparently had recovered. News of his being re-hospitalized recently came from fellow actor Walter Koenig (Trek’s Chekov). The latest news has not yet been confirmed through Doohan’s family.