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Rolling Stones To Release ‘Best Of’ To Coincide With Tour
The Rolling Stones’ World Tour will support a forthcoming two-CD “best-of” collection, Stones frontman Mick Jagger revealed on Tuesday (May 7th).
“We just last night finished the negotiations with all the different parties to put out a best-of Rolling Stones CD, which is two CDs going from 1963 to the present day,” he said. “And there will be all the sort of hits and all the well-known songs, and there will also be some new songs on that. So that will be coming out.”
Jagger added that the new songs have been written, but the band has yet to enter into a studio to record them. The unnamed songs will be tracked later this month, and should be ready for release in the early fall. The band hopes the new set will be released as close to the September 5 tour opener as possible.