Which one is she again?


The sexiest cat on “Sex and the City” is reportedly calling it quits. Kim Cattrall, who plays the sex-addicted Samantha on the show, told a British TV station that she’s ready to move on.

“Six years for me is enough,” said Cattrall in a prerecorded interview with Britain’s Living TV. “There are other things I’d like to do.”

The 46-year-old actress has shocked audiences with her portrayal of a single publicist in New York – posing nude, engaging in sexual intercourse from a ceiling swing and having a lesbian affair with an artist.

Filming of the show, which pulls in around four million viewers per episode, was recently halted when Cattrall co-star Sarah Jessica Parker announced she was pregnant.

Cattrall, who starred in “Porky’s,” “Police Academy” and “Mannequin” in the ’80s, will most likely focus on feature films.

It has been reported that Cattrall, who is married to millionaire businessman Mark Levinson, might play Mae West in a big-budget biopic about the legendary screen siren.