He is a bad actor, so why couldn’t he play a bad guy?


Fancy Sylvester Stallone as a villain? It might just work. StalloneZone is reporting that the former box office champ might be joining Tom Cruise for the final (that’s what they say) instalment in the Mission: Impossible series.

And to add to this, Stallone is linked to two other Tom Cruise/Paramount Picture movies…”Deathrace 3000″ and “Dolan’s Cadillac” which Tom would produce.

Next up though Stallone will do the film version of “The Green.” Stallone would play Eddie Caminetti, a golf hustler who reluctantly gets dragged into the upper-crust world of playing for the American team in the Ryder Cup matches – golf’s most prestigious event. Stallone is committed and Samuel L. Jackson has expressed interest in playing the team’s coach. The project will be produced jointly with Crusader Entertainment (which owns the rights to the 100 million dollar action/adventure “Sahara” that! Sly is also lobbying to star in) and Paramount Pictures.