Man, I hope they end on a high note with a great show!


Gillian Anderson told SCI FI Wire that she and David Duchovny started their journey together on The X-Files nine years ago, so she’s pleased that he will return for “The Truth,” the two-hour series finale that’s now before the cameras. “I would have thought, ‘Well, wait a minute, this isn’t right. This isn’t right,'” Anderson said in an interview, explaining how she might have reacted had Duchovny not agreed to play Fox Mulder to her Dana Scully one last time on the series.

Anderson, who is contracted to appear in a second feature film based on The X-Files, added, “I’m very glad that the show is completely ending now, because I have a feeling that even though I would have mourned to a certain degree in saying goodbye, there would have been something left undone. It wouldn’t have been as clean, and I feel like we have an opportunity now to really tie it up in a whole, constructive and completing way.”

Fox will air “The Truth” on May 19.