SPOILER ALERT!- This story contains spoilers

Captain Picard spills beans about new ‘Trek’ film

We can expect to see a whole new planet full of bad guys in the forthcoming “Star Trek: Nemesis” movie.

Patrick Stewart, who once again portrays Captain Picard, told TV Guide that the new film will show that Romulus has a sister planet called Remus.

“So you’re going to meet the inhabitants of that planet, the Remans, who are quite unlike anything you’ve seen before,” he told TV Guide.

“I think they might be the most successful aliens (makeup designer) Michael Westmore has ever produced — I even include the Borg in saying this. He’s brought an alien race to life in an entirely convincing way. There’s something very novel and unique in their design. They’re imposing and sinister in a very different way from the Borg,” Stewart said.

The report said Stewart is also set to star in “King Of Texas,” a TNT movie debuting June 2. He co-stars with Marcia Gay Harden and Lauren Holly in a re-telling of Shakespeare’s “King Lear,” transposed to the old West.