Hey Dan! What’s new at the movies this weekend?

Now I know that you are curious as to the weekend’s new films, don’t you know curiosity killed the cat?!?!

Fortunately there are no cats at theatres this weekend!

But there is Red Green! The Possum Lodge funnyman stars with all of his cronies in the big screen version of the Red Green Show, which is aptly named Duct Tape Forever. Sure it’s funny enough and I got a kick out of it, but I offer you 4 words in review: Wait For The Video.

You might hope you waited for the video of Frailty but then you might be glad you saw it. Frailty, which stars Matthew McConaughey and Bill Paxton (who also directed), is a thriller that finds the FBI searching for a serial killer who calls himself ‘God’s Hands.’ You will either think it is a great thrill ride or dislike it immensely. There is no middle ground with this one.

There is no middle, or moral, ground to rely on in Changing Lanes, but that is what was good about it. Changing Lanes is a thought-provoking, sophisticated drama that explores the motivations behind our split second decision-making and the consequences that result.

Ben Affleck is a young Wall Street attorney on the fast track. Samuel L. Jackson, an insurance agent and recovering alcoholic engaged who is trying to get back on his feet again. The worlds of these two men suddenly collide during the morning rush hour traffic in New York.

Changing Lanes then focuses on the ethical decisions these characters make and the consequences their actions have on those around them. The 2 men get nasty, and luckily it is just a movie. But it’s a good movie!

The Sweetest Thing, however, is not a good movie. But it has Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate so I am happy to cut it some slack. If only they had some of the fun I hear they had while making the film IN THE FILM, then this would have been great. As it is, it is a mildly entertaining chick flick with really hot chicks.

And the hot chicks- if you will pardon my sexism and sexist comments and grant me poetic license to continue in this vein- the hot chicks are the only reason I even bothered to see this weekend’s last new film, New Best Friend. I didn’t know anything about it and had no interest in seeing until I clicked on the title and saw that it starred the most incredible of lovely Canadian women Mia Kirshner! She’s hot, she’s cute, she’s exceptionally talented! I will see anything with her in it!

Then I noticed that the film also starred Dominique Swain and Meredith Monroe and I realized I had to sit through it.

Please don’t make the same mistake I did! If you are attracted to the above trio of ladies talent or looks, then enjoy! Otherwise, find another new best friend!

But wow! Does Mia look great!

So enjoy your Mia, I mean popcorn! Enjoy your popcorn and I’ll see you at the movies!