Perhaps the computers are just rejecting it! Computers are very smart.

Celine Dion CD Causing Computer Woes

Celine Dion’s new album is causing some computer problems.

In America and much of Europe the case and the disc of “A New Day Has Come” carries warnings not to play it on a PC or a MAC because it is embedded with copy protection technology. This is to stop people from uploading sings onto the internet.

In Canada the CD is not so encoded.

If you play, the computer will likely crash, but some fans say that they’ve had other problems. The Hollywood Reporter reports that fans in Germany are complaining that their computers won’t eject the disc using normal methods. Others also complain that the CD may be affecting their hardware.

A Sony spokeswoman denies the CD will corrupt computers, although it will cause it to crash. She says it won’t eject properly as a result of the crash.