So, how did you do with your predictions Dan


In Short form, I got 4 of the 6 I predicted correct.

I said:

Actor- Denzel Washington
Actress- Sissy Spacek
Supporting Actor- Ian McKellen
Supporting Actress- Jennifer Connelly
Best Director- Ron Howard
Best Picture- A Beautiful Mind

I was wrong about Best Actress, which was won by Halle Berry for “Monster’s Ball” (See my thoughts on that and her below).

Now I know and admit that I got it wrong, but in my defence in my predictions I did write:

“BUT- What about Halle Berry?!??! The glamorous beauty played unglamorous and was very, very naked and effective in a very emotional movie. Plus she won the Screen Actorís Guild Award in this category, usually a quite accurate barometer of who will win the Oscar?!?! And, Oscar usually likes to surprise in this category by giving the award to an actress who comes out of nowhere and gives an awesome performance, see Hilary Swank in ìBoys Donít Cry.î”

So I don’t feel so bad about being incorrect.

Regarding the other one I was mistaken on, the fabulous Jim Broadbent was the evening’s biggest upset, over the predicted Ian McKellen, when he won for “Iris.”

And I have no qualms about that one either as Broadbent was the year’s Best Overall Supporting Actor. Of the 5 ladies nominated for Best Actress he worked opposite 3 of them, Judi Dench, Nicole Kidman and Renee Zellweger, in their respective films. So he won, and he deserved it.

And I had 4 of the 6 major categories that I predicted correct. For what I Wrote about them, click on ARCHIVE on the left of this page, under the logo, and visit the postings for March 22nd.

Here’s hoping you won your Oscar Pool!