Hey Dan, what’s new at the movies this weekend?

Ahh yes, the weekend is upon us! In layman’s terms that means we have 2 days to ourselves before the suits and financial necessity call us back to work.

So let’s enjoy ourselves! Let’s head to the local multiplex, unless you are lucky enough to live near one of those gorgeous old cinemas, then head there. And for gods sake! Invite me along, would you!!!

And “would” is the one thing that all this week’s films have in common. We’ll tackle that first “would” with Resident Evil. Based on the video game that was great this movie continues the trend of barely passable cinematic treatments of games we enjoy at home. Sure it’s better than Super Mario Bros., but what movie isn’t?

But if you like great low- budget action films or if you “would” like to see star Milla Jovovich naked, and see her naked a lot you will, then this movie is for you. Perhaps seeing said star in the buff might give you some “would” of your own.

And own you will! Someday you will own the second new movie this week on DVD or video, but it didn’t look like that was possible after seeing the second trailer!

The first trailer for Ice Age had a little character in an all ice environment trying to find a hiding place for his acorn. It was clever and funny. The second trailer gave us details on the story and set us up to believe that the movie was The Lion King crossed with Disney’s horrendous Dinosaur.

But what sets Ice Age apart from similar family fare is a witty script and the all-digital animation that is so fresh to the eyes. Some details — waterdrops and animal fur, for example — are realized in a lifelike fashion, while others (like faces) are stylized and a tad surreal. It is very cool.

Get it? Ice Age…very cool?!??! Get it?!?!?

Perhaps I’m too hip for the room! Either way, I “would” love to see Ice Age again.

Oh, and it’s got the trailer for some movie called Star Wars: Episode II- Attack Of The Clones before it.

Before. As in we’ve seen it all before. In a nutshell, that is Showtime. Robert DeNiro and Eddie Murphy star in this supposed parody of the reality cop television show genre. Murphy is better than hes let himself be in years, and DeNiro. Ah yes, DeNiro…I wish he “would” start putting a bit more effort into these movies. De Niro is spinning out a whole new career with his parody roles but in Showtime he’s not quite as funny as he was in Analyze This or Meet The Parents, but infinitely funnier than he was in The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle.

Showtime is a very familiar movie with thing syou’ve seen many times before, but for me, William Shatner made it worth seeing.

I “would” say that that just about does it for this week! Enjoy the popcorn and I’ll see you at the movies!