I am so sick of hearing about these two!

Okay, I know they are “National Heroes.” I know they are “Canada’s Sweethearts” I know we, as Canadians, are supposed to love, respect, honour, cherish, adore and admire them. But I am so sick of them! That whole Gold Medal Olympic fiasco has made me never care if I hear from or about them again!

I say go away Sale! Stay away Pelletier!

But, since that is unlikley to happen until at least 2006, I suppose I should do my Patriotic duty and love them. (But you should know that on the inside, I wish they would just go away!) So here’s me being very patriotic!

WOW! DID YOU HEAR THE GREAT NEWS? Canadian Olympic darlings Sale and Pelletier will star in their own CTV skating special on Tuesday!

Oh, and it is TWO HOURS LONG!!! Wow! I am not sure how I will last from now until Tuesday?!?!

They are great! I will never get enough of these two!