It’s time to start the music, it’s time to light the lights…

The Muppets are heading back to TV.

The Hollywood Reporter says NBC Studios and Muppet masters The Jim Henson Company have signed a deal to produce “It’s A Wonderful Muppet Christmas Movie.” The special, which will air during the holiday season, will feature cameos from NBC stars, the report said.

“It’s perfect for the new approach that we’re taking with our movies in looking for things with pre-sold, pop-culture appeal,” NBC’s Jeff Gaspin told The Hollywood Reporter.

“What’s always great about the Muppets is that there’s enough sophisticated humour to appeal to adults, while the puppets appeal to children.”

Although the Muppets have been featured in a variety series and specials, this is the first time the characters will be included in a made-for-TV movie, the report said.

And the special will have an added attraction: the first romantic clinch between Kermit The Frog and Miss Piggy.

“Their kisses have always been instigated by Piggy before, but this time Kermit comes to his senses, and it will be a very romantic kiss,” Henson president Juliet Blake told The Hollywood Reporter.