Does he owe us a thank you?

Rudy Giuliani to Say Thanks in Ad

There’s never been much loved lost between New York City and the rest of the country, but ex-mayor Rudolph Giuliani said Sept. 11 changed all that.

Guiliani, who offered a nationally televised thank you for its post-Sept. 11 help in a Super Bowl ad on Sunday, said the attacks brought the city and country together.

“There was a feeling of unity that emerged: We all became Americans, and we all became New Yorkers,” Giuliani said Saturday. “And whatever barriers there had been became very, very insignificant.”

Giuliani’s 30-second TV spot was paid for by, which will also donate $350,000 to the Twin Towers Fund to benefit the families of uniformed personnel killed in the attack.

The former mayor, who wrote his own script and did not receive a fee, delivers the message from atop a Rockefeller Center skyscraper, with lower Manhattan and the missing twin towers as a backdrop.