I’ll Take Two Please

Warner decides to Follow that Bird

Never receiving quite the same fame as its “Muppet” counterparts, the first “Sesame Street” feature Follow that Bird was a delight for children back in 1985. Now the all but forgotten film gets new life from Warner Brothers Home Video with a new DVD release.

After being evicted from Sesame Street, and placed in a foster home, Big Bird begins a long adventure wandering the country. Unfortunately for the big yellow bird, life outside of Sesame Street is quite a bit different. Con men, schuksters, and criminals take advantage of Big Bird until our hero ends up in a circus cage painted blue. In the mean time, Maria, Luis, and all the Sesame Street gang take off to find Big Bird and bring him back to his nest in one piece.

Currently, no information is available surrounding this title. No word on technical features or extras is available. The disc will be available on February 5th for $19.98. But it’s coming, and for now, that is enough for me!