I Did Not Know That

Daryl Hannah Sheds Her Prosthetic Finger

SPLASH star DARYL HANNAH has found the courage to show her missing finger stump – after baring all to play the role of a stripper in her latest movie. The actress had an accident when she was just three-years-old and cut off the end of her index finger on her left hand. In the past the actress has worn a flesh-colored prosthetic digit to cover the missing finger tip, and often kept her entire hand hidden in a pocket. But since her new movie DANCING AT THE BLUE IGUANA, in which she plays the racy role of a stripper, Hannah has found the courage to bare all. She says, “I had a bad accident and I got my finger stuck in the pulley of a water well at my grandmother’s house when I was three.” Her publicist NICOLE PEREZ adds, “If she does wear a prosthetic these days, it’s only because someone specifically asks her to for her work.”

Wow! I didn’t know her’s was fake. She always looked so actual and natural.