The Name Potter Still Makes Me Pause

Harry Potter Set to Smash All Records

Movie industry experts predict that HARRY POTTER AND THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE will become the all-time number one smash when it is released on 16 November, 2001.

The film version of author J.K.ROWLING’s first novel is expected to eaily surpass the $585 million grossed by TITANIC in 1997.

The $130 million movie is directed by CHRIS COLUMBUS and stars ALAN RICKMAN, ROBBIE COLTRANE and MAGGIE SMITH. The part of HARRY POTTER is played by DANIEL RADCLIFFE, whose face is set to be on millions of COCA COLA cans. Top film journalist MARSHALL JULIUS says, “It is entirely possible that this will become the biggest grossing film ever. I reckon films and merchandising takings could exceed $1 billion dollars.”

Yes, but what if the movie sucks?