Millions Of Teenage Boys Can’t Be Wrong

Britney Beats Off Wild Boars

BRITNEY SPEARS is helping German farmers beat off a plague of wild boars – by scaring the pigs with her music.

The animals are destroying crops in Germany but can’t be shot because they’re a protected species – so arable man HERRMANN-JOSEF BECKER tried playing tunes to drive them away. He says, “MADONNA didn’t work too well, ROBBIE WILLIAMS was a dead loss but they can’t stand Britney Spears. “When I switch on OOPS I DID IT AGAIN, or I’M NOT THAT INNOCENT, the pigs come snorting out and running for the woods.” Thirty other farmers near the city of Trier are now using the pop princess to keep the boars off their wheat, hops and maize.

Now, if she only made stye calls.