The End Of Maher

Could This Be the End of Bill Maher?

Columnist Arianna Huffington says “Politically Incorrect” could get yanked off the air by ABC because of recent comments by host Bill Maher that upset advertisers and network affiliates. Huffington made the claim yesterday – and strongly defended Maher -in a column posted on her Web site. “A small group of zealots have intentionally distorted comments made by Bill Maher, and succeeded in putting the show’s future in jeopardy,” Huffington, a frequent guest on the show, wrote. Maher’s comments came last week during the first episode of “PI” to air after the terror attacks on September 11. Huffington, whose syndicated column appears in The Post, was not available for comment yesterday. Huffington’s claim about ABC possibly yanking “P.I” is “just a rumor,” said an ABC spokesman. “It’s not true.”