I Finally Have A Chance!

Okay, so if you are like me, you are cleaning yourself up and heading to Hollywood today as Minnie Driver has broken off her engagement. Wow, Minnie Driver AND Kate Winslet are both available. I hope there is enough of me to go around.

Hold on ladies, I’m coming…


Britney Speaks

Britney Spears: “Ambition Drove Mariah Crazy.”

BRITNEY SPEARS blames MARIAH CAREY’s glitzy lifestyle for the diva’s nervous breakdown – and the teenage pop sensation is determined not to make the same mistake. Britney has lashed out at stars like Mariah for allowing fame to go to their heads, claiming they have lost touch with their normal lives in their desperate pursuit of fame and success at whatever cost. And despite her own gruelling work schedule, the glamorous singer claims she makes a strict distinction between her professional and personal life in order to preserve her own sanity. She says, “I think that sometimes stars start believing they are a goddess or they are this god-like figure. “First of all, I had a really long break before this promotion, because it’s a big thing. Mariah had a really long break, too, but I think that some people make their careers their lives. “You need to separate your career and your life. This is not my life, this doesn’t mean everything to me. “Some stars feel the pressure and it’s all they think about. You can’t do that – that’s what drives them crazy.”


More Legends Join McCartney

Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton join Paul McCartney benefit.


Merry Christmas!

Sony to unwrap “Ali” movie on Christmas Day.


Windtalkers Delayed…Again

John Woo’s “Windtalkers” delayed again.


The Terminator DVD Goodies

The Terminator: Special Edition Hidden Easter Eggs

On MGM Home Entertainmentís Incredible Special Edition release of James Cameronís ‘The Terminator’ a whole lot of additional material is well hidden on the disc. Insert the side of the DVD that contains the actual movie, not the supplements, and from the main menu, go to ‘Special Features.’ Once there, highlight the ‘Resume Film’ menu entry and then press the ‘Down’ arrow key on your remote control to highlight a small block at the top of the screen. Now, press ‘Enter’ and you will get to see one of four interview featurettes that are hidden here. Repeat the exact same procedure to see them all as they are randomly selected every time you activate this Easter Egg. Another hidden feature can be found in the ‘Languages’ submenu. Go there and select the ‘FranÁais’ menu entry for ‘Spoken Language.’ Then, press the ‘Right’ arrow key to highlight a small block, which will give you access to another set of five interview featurettes that are randomly selected every time you activate this Easter Egg. And another hidden feature can be found in the ‘Scene Selections.’ Select the chapter stops for chapter 13-16, and then highlight the ‘Main Menu’ entry at the bottom of the screen. Now, press the ‘Down’ arrow key on your remote control to highlight another box on the screen, which will give you access to another five interview segments that are randomly selected every time you activate this Easter Egg, so make sure to keep visiting it repeatedly.



Heathcliff Moves No More

The creator of Heathcliff The Cat” comic has died. R.I.P.


Man I Hate Her!!!!!!!

Oh, I thought I could never despise this “woman” more than I do already, but I guess it is possible. I now hate Courtney Love even more as she sues for total control of the Nirvana catalogue. Give it up “lady” you had nothing to do with it!!!!!!!!! Let those who created the music be responsible for it!

Man I hate her!!!!!!!


One Million Dollars (Say like Dr. Evil)

Emmy to cost $1 million more due to security.


I’m Not The Dad

Jodie Foster is a mother again.