Hope to see DOCTOR SLEEP this week and maybe LAST CHRISTMAS soon. MIDWAY? Maybe one day, but I’m in no rush.

Roland Emmerich’s Midway shoots to top of box office with $17.5 million The box office got a huge refresh during Veteran’s Day weekend, with nearly every title in the top five a new release. However, the sluggish returns in spite […]

It was all about DOLEMITE IS MY NAME on Netflix this weekend and the re-release of ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD on the big screen.

Joker narrowly reclaims top box office spot from Maleficent sequel with $18.9 million It’s a battle of the baddies at the box office this weekend with Joker narrowly reclaiming the top spot from Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. Joker continues to […]

I watched ZOMBIELAND – DOUBLE TAP this weekend and all I will say is LOWER YOUR EXPECTATIONS!!!

Joker laughs at the competition with second winning weekend in a row Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker continues to prove that movies rooted in comic books are not a fad, as it takes the top spot at the box office for a […]

I’m one of the people who paid to see JOKER, but I’m not one of the people saying it was an amazing film with an incredible performance. It was a very good film with a very good performance, but it’s not unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. It is very good, but it’s just not as great as everyone is saying it is.

Joker breaks October box office record with $93.5 million opening weekend All the world loves a clown — or at least lots of moviegoers paid to see one this weekend. Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix’s dark supervillain drama Joker is […]

So great!! This news is so, so great!!!!

Spider-Man isn’t leaving the Marvel universe just yet Marvel fans can rest easy, Spider-Man won’t be leaving their universe — at least for now. Sony Pictures Entertainment and The Walt Disney Studios announced on Friday that Marvel Studios will continue […]

My hope was to see both AD ASTRA and JUDY this weekend, but it was the last weekend of the baseball season and I had to watch my beloved Blue Jays finish the 2019 season. Let’s Go Blue Jays in 2020!!!!!!

Abominable freezes out competition for box office victory Don’t count original animated titles out at the box office Yeti. DreamWorks Animation’s Abominable scaled the box office charts this weekend for an estimated $20.9 million debut to score a snowy weekend […]

I would’ve gone to see AD ASTRA this weekend, but I went for a hike on the last weekend of Summer. Maybe I’ll go next week.

Downton Abbey proves enduring popularity with $31 million debut at the box office Violet (Maggie Smith) may never ask “What is a weekend?” again considering the Downton Abbey movie just won it. Exceeding expectations, Downton Abbey opened to $31 million, […]

Nope…nothing to see at the theatres right now!!

Hustlers earns Jennifer Lopez a career high opening with $33.2 million debut Hustlers has danced its way to a massive second-place opening weekend. The STXfilms release exceeded expectations to open to an estimated $33.2 million across 3,250 theaters. Hustlers marks […]

Sadly, IT: CHAPTER TWO is a less than engaging sequel to an amazing film. I was quite bored at times. Hopefully CHAPTER THREE will be as entertaining as CHAPTER ONE was…and it was entertaining!!

It: Chapter Two scares up massive $91 million opening weekend You’ll float to the top of the box office too. It: Chapter Two has scored an estimated $91 million opening weekend, making it the second-highest opening from a horror movie […]

No movies in the theatre this weekend – even though they were all priced at $6.99 – I watched The Dark Crystal on Netflix!!

Box Office: ‘Angel Has Fallen’ Sears Competition Over Labor Day Weekend Lionsgate and Millennium’s “Angel Has Fallen” ruled the box office during an expectedly quiet Labor Day weekend. The third entry in the action franchise generated $11.5 million over the […]