Jodie Foster

It opens on Friday and I will be first in line!!

NO FEAR OF FLYING Jodie Foster has two Oscars and a handful of $100 million blockbusters on her resume, but this is what she thinks about her 40-year career in Hollywood: “Actual acting, it’s just not in my personality,” she […]

We are now less than three weeks to go until it opens!!

How 9/11 Affected ‘Flightplan’s’ Cast and Story LOS ANGELES ( – It’s been four years since the horrifying terrorist attacks on Sept. 11 that shook the world and made their mark on the Toronto International Film Festival as well — […]

Wow!! Another role for Jodie!!!

Jodie Foster eyes ‘Brave’ new role Jodie Foster is in talks for the lead role in the urban thriller “The Brave One,” Variety reports. The movie centres on a woman who struggles to recover from a brutal attack and sets […]