Good for them!!

PUTTING OUT THE FIRE Johnny Cash’s family quashing an ad campaign for hemorrhoid-relief products set to the tune of “Ring of Fire.”

Polaroid is still in business!??!?!

Polaroid Warns Film Users Not to ‘Shake It’ LONDON (Reuters) – Outkast fans like to “shake it like a Polaroid picture,” but the instant camera maker is warning consumers that taking the advice of the hip-hop stars could ruin your […]

Wow, even their attempts to back out of deals are super fast!

Bowl Sponsor AOL Seeks Refund LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – The controversial Super Bowl halftime show, in which Janet Jackson bared a breast to the chagrin of the NFL, CBS and show producer MTV, has touched the world’s largest Internet […]

True tale or negotiating ploy?

Pixar Ends Disney Talks, Seeks New Partner LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Pixar Animation Studios Inc. on Thursday ended talks with Walt Disney Co. to renew a lucrative movie distribution deal that has produced such blockbusters as “Toy Story” and “Finding […]

It’s only money

McGuinty defends spending $1 million to bring U.S. talk show to Toronto TORONTO (CP) – Spending $1 million to bring NBC’s Late Night with Conan O’Brien show to Toronto for one week is a “great investment,” says Ontario Premier Dalton […]

“What would you have without…” Line! Writers, okay. “What would you have without writers?”

DISC-ORD AHEAD (Variety) HOLLYWOOD — Writers and studios are on a collision course over the red-hot DVD market. The Writers Guild of America, responding to rising ire among members over their slim slice of the revenue pie, has elevated DVD […]

Do you think it has occurred to anyone at HMV that by bitching about this exclusive deal non-stop they are driving people to BEst Buy and Future Shop just to buy the Stones DVD set?!?!

HMV asks Competition Bureau to review Rolling Stones deal with Best Buy TORONTO (CP) – The fight over rights to sell a new four-disc Rolling Stones DVD has been sent to the Competition Bureau of Canada. † Retailer HMV Canada […]

Have a Salma and a smile!

Hayek Gets Her Coke and Drinks it Too LOS ANGELES ( — Following in the footsteps of another Latin beauty, Penelope Cruz, actress Salma Hayek is lending her talents to the Coca-Cola Co’s. new ad campaign. Directed by big-screen director […]

This will mean job losses and won’t benefit the consumer at all!

Warner, BMG Close in on Merger – Sources LONDON (Reuters) – Warner Music and BMG, home to pop diva Madonna and queen of soul Aretha Franklin, have entered the home stretch in talks over a joint venture and could wrap […]