It is a good, albeit depressing read

Cobain’s ‘Journals’ Hits Bookstores NEW YORK (AP) – A collection of Kurt Cobain’s journal entries was released Monday, more than eight years after the Nirvana singer’s death. “Journals” is a collection of photocopies of the actual journals, not transcribed text. […]

The end didn’t justify the means!

Cobain contemplates aging, selling out, dying in ‘Journals’ In between musings on drugs and suicide, Kurt Cobain recorded his fear that he and his groundbreaking grunge band, Nirvana, would become aging rock stars reduced to playing reunion concerts at amusement […]

Jack Ryan is back!

‘Red Rabbit’ burrows into Cold War comfort Jack Ryan returns in “Red Rabbit.”

My Nephew will be so disappointed!

Harry Potter 5 Delayed Author J.K. Rowling was supposed to deliver HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX soon so that it could be published in July. Now, however, POTTER publisher Scholastic has announced that it will publish the […]