Geri Spice Does Charity Work (But Not Me)

The stage is set for Geri Halliwell’s Oman show.

J, K and now L

Jamiroquai singer Jay Kay now adds an “L”, for Law, as he faces assault charges.

He’s Got The Biggest

An Argentine Beatles fan loves the band “Eight Days A Week.”

It’s Bi

Bi- Coastal Emmy show expected to be a high- wire act.

More News After This Break

Okay, time for a break here on anythingbut.com, but we’ll be back in just a moment with more news and stories. Well, okay, maybe it will be longer than a moment, but there will be more news later today. PLUS, […]

Alanis News

Alanis Morissette plays a show for students.

Man I Hate Her

News today from the: “You Know The American Legal System Sucks When” file- A judge says that the Courtney “I Really Despise Her” Love suit against Universal Music can go to trial. **sigh**

It Means: “Also Known As”

Coming up Sunday Night on the incredible new show ALIAS Sydney’s new life as a double agent takes her from America to Moscow to Cairo where along the way she inadvertently gives her enemies access to a nuclear weapon… The […]

Die Hard Has Died

Willis Finally Kills Off Die Hard BRUCE WILLIS is refusing to make any more DIE HARD movies in the wake of the American terrorist attacks – despite being offered a whopping $32.5 million. Bruce was offered the fortune to star […]

What’s Next For Kevin Smith?

Kevin Smith has unveiled his next project. Unfortunately, its not “Fletch.”