It Airs Unchanged

A documentary made about New York before the attacks will air unchanged.


If You Care

If you care, here are actor Michael Douglas’ thoughts on the U.S. attacks.


Tenacious D News

Here’s a Tenacious D review.


Zoolander Is Great!

In teh wake of the attacks in America, Zoolander will be an easy target this weekend for film critics. Well I say screw them! The film is hilarious, very, very stupid, but hilarious. See it and let’s begin to move on… Here’s a review that sums it up perfectly!


Emmy Snub In The Works?

Sopranos and Sex and the City STARS Snub Emmys

Stars from TV network HBO’s top shows – THE SOPRANOS and SEX AND THE CITY will not attend this year’s prestigious EMMY AWARDS. Actors such as JAMES GANDOLFINI and SARAH JESSICA PARKER do not feel like celebrating at the 7 October event – which will take place less than a month after the terrorist attacks in New York. The mobster drama and the female comedy are up for 32 gongs at the ACADEMY OF TELEVISION ARTS AND SCIENCES ceremony. THE WEST WING star MARTIN SHEEN is reportedly contemplating whether or not to attend this year’s more somber affair. His spokeswoman HEIDI SHAEFFER explains Sheen, “has made no decision yet. A lot of people have concern about a celebration, and security has definitely become a factor.” The show – to be presented by comedian ELLEN DEGENERES – was originally slated for September 16th.


Low Battery

Oops, I did it again! No, I didn’t sing my praises for one Britney Spears, although she does have some things worth praising…, no when I say Oops, I did it again, I mean I left my power cord at work and the battery on my laptop is minutes away from dying! Dammit! Why is there so may great Jolene Blalock sites!?!?!?

Anyway, there will be more updates later today, so come on back.

And Britney, if you are reading this, call me personally if you want the aforementioned praise! You too Jolene!


Matrix Information

Fans Call for Aaliyah to Be Kept in Matrix Sequel

Fans of tragic R&B star AALIYAH are calling for her scenes to be kept in the sequel to hit movie MATRIX. The singer was killed in a plane crash last month half way through shooting MATRIX RELOADED, in which she was due to star as ZEE alongside KEANU REEVES. Studio bosses are now reported to be deciding whether to cut her scenes and recast her role. But fans of the late star are desperately protesting the move, insisting that she should be kept in the picture. A petition is currently circulating on the Internet, urges WARNER BROS, “to honor the memory of Aaliyah’s life and keep her scenes”.


The End Of Maher

Could This Be the End of Bill Maher?

Columnist Arianna Huffington says “Politically Incorrect” could get yanked off the air by ABC because of recent comments by host Bill Maher that upset advertisers and network affiliates. Huffington made the claim yesterday – and strongly defended Maher -in a column posted on her Web site. “A small group of zealots have intentionally distorted comments made by Bill Maher, and succeeded in putting the show’s future in jeopardy,” Huffington, a frequent guest on the show, wrote. Maher’s comments came last week during the first episode of “PI” to air after the terror attacks on September 11. Huffington, whose syndicated column appears in The Post, was not available for comment yesterday. Huffington’s claim about ABC possibly yanking “P.I” is “just a rumor,” said an ABC spokesman. “It’s not true.”


My Baby’s Back

Well, after a too, too long break, the incredible Alanis Morissette has come back to us.

Her new album, which is very tentatively scheduled for a November 13 release, is entitled “Under Rug Swept.” The singer wrote 27 songs for the album and has narrowed it down to 12, although her website says the running order is a “work in progress” and could be changed before the final release date.

A new track, “Utopia,” — a mandolin-laced ballad with a warm, lilting melody — is available now on Alanis’ webiste. Enjoy.

Oh, and welcome back Alanis!


We Salute You

The CBC salutes Mr. Dressup tonight.