Wacko Jacko Is A Black Man Again

Michael Jackson shoots a scene for “Men In Black 2.”


December 10th Is Less Than 2 Months Away

“Lord Of The Rings” film will debut in London.


Grammy Gets A Home And A Date

Los Angeles will host the 2002 Grammy Awards.


Now Elaine Gets To See If She Can Succeed

Third “Seinfeld” co- star, Julia Louis- Dreyfus, gets her own show.



I received a submission from Nadica, under the category of “Garbage”, asking:

“Ok, is anyone actually reading this (besides me, of course)? Just wondering. :)”

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And thanks Nadica! Where are you from? Tell me a bit about yourself!

Dan Reynish


I Have Mine!

Everyone I know bought one (Did you?) and now early figures from 20th Century Fox indicate that the Star Wars- Episode I: The Phantom Menace DVD may break the existing sales record.


What Is Appropriate?

The Academy Of Television Arts and Sciences says that “The Emmys are appropriate.” Yes, but if they give them, will The Sopranos come?


Grammy Has A Home

The Grammy Awards are set next year for Los Angeles.


Undeclared Is Better

Undeclared is a better show, much, much better, but Scrubs becomes the first new TV show picked up.


Delayed, Not Cancelled

Briteny Spears delays U.S. tour due to the flu.