Gonna Be In Toronto Anytime Soon?

My Breasts, My Choice. C’mon! Check it out! Aren’t you the least bit curious?


Canada Does It’s Part Too

Canadian stars hold a benefit concert for Afghan refugees. Psst! Alanis was there!!!


Its Right Up There

“Because I Got High” tops the British charts. Man, do I have the munchies!


Without Geri Spice, What Does It Matter Anyway?

A British newspaper is reporting that the squabbling Spice Girls are now history. So ziz a zig ahhh, I guess.


No, Not “Go To Hell…”

“From Hell” tops the weekend box office charts.


The New York Show Was A Success

Stars and rescuers all rock in New York attack concert tribute.


Washington Concert Goes Well

Pop Stars lead tribute concert on Washington on Sunday.


Can I Borrow 12 Thousand Dollars?

A Dinner with the incredible Charlize Theron is Up for Auction

Fans of actress the luscious actress CHARLIZE THERON are in a furious bidding war to win dinner with her in her own home – and already the bids have escalated to a massive $11,700. Theron is offering herself up to raise money for her favorite charity THE SOUTH AFRICAN CHILDREN’S CHARITY PROJECT, and although she won’t promise to entertain the lucky winner at her home, she’s agreed to at least discuss the possibility. Bidders can log on and bid, on the internet auction site E-BAY.

So seriously, can I borrow 12 thousand dollars?!??


SWEET MERCIFUL CRAP- Strange Brew Is Coming To DVD!!!!


Finally, I have recieved word that there is a special edition in the works for the greatest movie of all time!!!!!


A number of great special editions are officially planned for 2002, by Warner Home Video, and are in various stages of production at this point, including Strange Brew: The Adventures Of Bob And Doug McKenzie!

I cannot believe it! Finally!

Oh, and they are also working on editions of Clash of the Titans, The Iron Giant, Amadeus, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Victor/Victoria, Goodfellas, Poltergeist, Mean Streets and of course, the long-awaited Blade Runner.

But who cares about those other ones, STRANGE BREW is on the way.

Watch this space for more details as they come available!

Oh man! Is I stoked!!!!


Blair Speaks

Lisa Whelchel, Blair from TV’s The Facts Of Life, says that she sees America has changed. Well, I guess you take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have…