Get Your Broom Ready

Ahh, November is finally here. That means all of the best of the best will soon be seen on television. What do I mean by “best of the best,” you ask? See for yourself. Here’s an overview of the November sweeps uprising.


The Director Is Optimistic

Will kids sit still for the 2 1/2 hours of Harry Potter?

What if there is free popcorn refills?


We Wish Hime Well

Johnny Cash is back in a Nashville hospital. Here’s hoping the “Man In Black” doesn’t live up to his reputation.


Yes, He Does Have A New Album Out

Michael Jackson’s new album may debut at number one, but it’s unlikley that it will set the world on fire.


Take A Ride On A Jet Li Plane

Jet Li, and all of the rest of us, are hoping that “The One” is the one to ignite the rest of your towards the man’s star power.


D’oh, eh!

Well, it’s about time! The Simpsons are coming to Canada! I can’t wait to meet them!


I’ve Been In A Car

Yo, what’s up?!?!

Sorry there haven’t been any updates for a few days, but I have been in a car travelling to Toronto. I went through Montana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, MIchigan and a few others American States- man is American very, very patriotic right now. Did something happen there to bring them all together?!??!

And now, I am here in Toronto, back at work!

Pitter, patter, let’s get at ‘er!


152- minute, 13 seconds Long

The much anticipated film Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone clocks in at over two and a half hours long. The books are a challenge to read and the movie will be a challenge to sit through.


What About Van Halen?!?

Radiohead has been voted the world’s best band. Wait a minute! I never voted!!! Did you vote?

So who voted then?


Isn’t He

Will Smith thinks he’s “The Greatest.”