Buffy News

Set your VCR! It will only air once! Yessiree, I am talking about Buffy The Vampire Slayer…THE MUSICAL.

Sing it with me:

The villain: “This year the show has been ripe with dreck…
So would you mind if I bit you on the neck…

Buffy’s Sister: No! You may not bite me…
I will be saved by my sister, Buh, huf- fey…”


Scooby Doo Debuts

Monsters, Inc. gets Star Wars and the trailer for next summer’s “Scooby Doo” film will debut before “Harry Potter.” Wow! Hard to pick a winner here!


He Went To The Movies With Alanis

I wish it was me, but it was him. Here’s the answer the question of who Alanis went to the movies with for her song “You Outta Know.” Seriously, I wish it had been me!


Wha Ziz Up Izz

Rapper Jay- Z is being sued over his hit single “Izzo.” Tha ziz zah stu pizz zed!!


Big Bucks, No Whammies

The Concert For New York City raised over $30 million.


One Shania Is Never Enough

She may be a sexy mom now, so if you want to watch her when she was just a sexy singer Shania Twain has two new DVD’s coming out. So come on over!


I Was Watching The World Series, So What Happened?

I was watching The World Series on television last night, so could you tell me what happened on “Survivor- Africa” last night?

Are Elizabeth and Amber still on?


Shrek versus Monsters

Today is the day! It’s Shrek (on DVD) versus Monsters, Inc. (in theatres). but only one has the extra Star Wars factor. Yes, the trailer for Star Wars: Episode 2- Attack Of The Clones bows in theatres today.

But I will be buying the Shrek DVD before the movie, and watching it immediately afterward!


He’s Finally Going To Be On The Show

After years of rumours, it is now confirmed. Brad Pitt will guest star on “Friends” November 22.


Not The Crazy Carey, The Funny Carrey

On December 21, 2001, he will be in theatres in “The Majestic.” In December of 2002, Jim Carrey will entertain us with a ghostly comedy.