Sarah Connor is no more

Linda Hamilton Says “No” To Terminator 3

“I retired as a champ. I read the script and it didn’t take my character in any new direction. It was like a no-win situation for me.”

So says Linda Hamilton as to why the machine-like Arnie won’t have her to kick around anymore when Terminator 3 is released. Hamilton was also inspired to say no thank you over the absence of filmmaker and former husband James Cameron in the mix.


“New” George Harrison video bows tonight

My Sweet Lord- The Video

Tonight, Friday, at 9 pm EST MuchMoreMusic has the exclusive video debut of George Harrison’s re-released classic My Sweet Lord.

The video shows a bearded Harrison circa 1971 at the Concert for Bangladesh. That will be followed by an hour-long doc on the late, great ex-Beatle, Here Comes The Sun: Remembering George Harrison.


Sweeeeeeep! Sweep!!


The February sweeps ratings period means more stunt casting and special events, although the Olympics on NBC has most of the networks holding their big guns until May.

Among the highlights: CBS has the Grammy Awards (Feb. 27), the fourth Survivor series (starting Feb. 28), a new Diagnosis Murder movie set for next Wednesday and a miniseries, Guilty Hearts, starring Treat Williams and Marcia Gay Harden, airing Feb. 10 and Feb. 13.

Look for Ted Danson’s old Cheers buddy George Wendt to drop by Becker this Monday, with Beau Bridges joining The Agency Thursday.


FYI- Oscar Nominations

In case you wanted to write it in your day timer or datebook, the nominations for the 74th Annual Academy Awards will be announced on Tuesday, February 12, 2002.

There’s also a new moon that day!


Nobody likes them, everybody hates the, they’re gonna eat some wor- er- erms!

If you are so inclined, don’t forget that some Playboy Playmates are on Fear Factor Sunday night during the Super Bowl. And then they are on after the game too!


Her New CD Is GREAT!!

Intimate Alanis heads west

Alanis Morissette will be the very first guest to take part in a MuchMusic Intimate & Interactive program held in Vancouver.

Morissette, whose new album, Under Rug Swept, is due Feb. 26, will perform new songs during a live I&I broadcast from the West Coast city’s Roundhouse on March 1 beginning at 9 p.m.

During the 90-minute program, hosted by VJ Namugenyi Kiwanuka, Morissette will also answer questions from fans inside the facility, and via phone, fax, e-mail and Speakers Corner.


Hey Dan, What’s New At The Movies This Weekend?

Well, it’s Super Bowl weekend, traditionally a very slow time for new releases. But there are some new films for you to see if you don’t like football.

First up, is Slackers. This film about cheating college kids and the guy who wants to stop them sat in the can for 2 years before this weekend. That does not bode well! And I know from experience that things can get pretty ripe after sitting in the can for 2 years.

The weekend’s other new film might not be much fresher- is that a word? Fresher? It might not be more fresh? I don’t know! Either way Birthday Girl has Nicole Kidman starring as a Russian mail order bride who might not be all that she seems.

Of course she might not be all that she seems! How can she be a Russian mail order bride when she’s from Australia!

Oh well, I guess we’ll see! And I’ll see you at the movies!

And regarding that football game, GO PATRIOTS!!


Spinal Tap Sings For


One of the new TV ads for features the first song that fictional band Spinal Tap ever wrote, “All The Way Home.” When the song was originally featured in the film “This Is Spinal Tap” it was improvised on set. Now, it is coming from your TV set, on behalf of

Ironic? Iconic? Idiotic?

Personally, I’m not sure! But I’m gonna cry, cry, cry all the way home!


When The Lord Of The Rings is…

…released on DVD it will be a half- hour longer.

If you are too busy to do the math, that’s 208 minutes.


They Are Going To Make Us Buy Them Again!

MGM, Best Buy/Future Shop will Bond over DVD campaign

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer is partnering with one of the nation’s biggest sellers of DVDs — Best Buy — to reintroduce the entire James Bond film series later this year.

The campaign comes on the 40th anniversary of the release of “Dr. No,” the first film in the series, and is timed to precede the theatrical release of the 20th official Bond in November. Best Buy will sponsor trailers for the unnamed Bond film, said Jeff Maynard, Best Buy VP of marketing services.

The retailer will create a sort of 007 store within its more than 1,800 Best Buy, Sam Goody, Suncoast, Media Play, On-Cue and Future Shop outlets. The James Bond sections, which will vary among chains, will include the three DVD box sets of the 007 movies that have been on moratorium for almost two years. They will also include soundtracks, electronics products and merchandise from other, yet unnamed, promotional partners.

The promotion will launch this summer, with momentum building up to the theatrical release in November and continuing through to the film’s DVD release in the spring of 2003.