We’re getting closer to the music!

Rush track list confirmed; band plans tour

Rush’s long-awaited new album will arrive in record stores May 14, with the debut single due at radio late this month, the band’s label has confirmed.

Universal Music Canada and Anthem Records announced that the first single from “Vapor Trails” will be “One Little Victory,” which will begin shipping to radio stations on March 29.

And Rush fans can also expect the group to hit the road this summer in support of the album. “Vapor Trails” is their first new release since 1996’s “Test For Echo.” The band hasn’t performed live since the summer of 1997.

Although details of the album have leaked out via the ‘Net in recent weeks, Universal/Anthem has now confirmed the new album’s track listing:

1. “One Little Victory”
2. “Peaceable Kingdom”
3. “Ghost Rider”
4. “Ceiling Unlimited”
5. “The Stars Look Down”
6. “How It Is”
7. “Vapor Trail”
8. “Out Of The Cradle”
9. “Earthshine”
10. “Sweet Miracle”
11. “Nocturne”
12. “Freeze (Part IV of “Fear”)”
13. “Secret Touch”


It’s still planned for release in October!

Bruce Springsteen is working with a string section.

No word on whether it’s “section 8.”


This is such a great show! I hope you watch it!

Ritter & Post to Guest on SCRUBS

John Ritter (Three’s Company) and Markie Post (Night Court), who co-starred on the ’92-95 TV series HEARTS AFIRE, will guest star as the parents of J.D. and Elliott, respectively, on the April 2nd episode of NBC’s SCRUBS.

An upcoming episode of SCRUBS will also guest star the cast of St. ELSEWHERE.


I hope the show is as funny as it’s commercials

ANDY RICHTER Premieres On Tuesday

FOX presents the premiere of ANDY RICHTER CONTROLS THE UNIVERSE this Tuesday night at 8:30 pm Eastern. The comedy stars Richter as a struggling short story writer making a living by writing technical manuals for a large company, who spends his free time imagining alternative life scenarios.

I hope Triumph The Insult Comic Dog makes a guest appearance at some point!


To the chagrin of many…

Steven Spielberg has reworked his “E.T.”


Weekend Box Office Results

Even though I didn’t have time to see it “Ice Age” dominated the Weekend Box Office with over $47 million dollars.

Maybe I should go and see it!


Who will win the Best Actress Oscar?

Nicole Kidman, Sissy Spacek and Halle Berry are all caught up in a very close Oscar race.

I’ll have my final predictions on Friday!


Another Government Cash Grab!

Ottawa is trying to burn your CD and MP3 budget.


The Yankees are winning! The Yankees are winning!

Some Brits could end up Oscar’s bridesmaids again this year.


That’s nice!

Liverpool names it’s airport after John Lennon.