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Comic fans to get early peek at Star Wars II

Comic book fans will get a get a sneak peak at the upcoming “Star Wars” film three weeks before it opens in theatres. reports that Dark Horse Comics’ adaptation of “Star Wars Episode II — Attack Of The Clones” will debut on April 24, three weeks before the film opens. The first of a four-part standard comic edition of “Clones” will hit the stands that day, with a graphic novel edition of all four issues to debut that same day.

The comic was adapted by Henry Gilroy from George Lucas and Jonathan Hales’ screenplay. Jan Duursema and Ray Kryssing did the artwork. The comics will be available in both illustrated and photographic covers.

The “Star Wars” saga will also participate in the comic-industry-wide initiative called Free Comic Book Day. On May 4, participating comic shops will offer a freebie entitled “Star Wars Tales: A Jedi’s Weapon,” which sees Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi doing battle with the nomadic thieves of Kashir, who steal Anakin’s lightsaber.

The free book was created by Henry Gilroy, Manuel Garcia and Jimmy Palmiotti.


Hope this isn’t too “cryptic.”

New Line has bought themselves a “Chainsaw.”

Now will it “Massacre” the box office?

Or just do well in “Texas”?


There is no way in the world that this will ever happen, but it’s my responsibility to bring it to your attention

Will Stern replace Letterman?

If David Letterman bails on CBS, Howard Stern is poised to take his place, according to Matt Drudge.

Quoting what it described as a “top source,” the Drudge Report said Stern is “at the very top of a very short list” of potential replacements for Letterman, should the latter follow through on a rumoured plan to move his show from CBS to ABC.

Stern’s agent, Don Buchwald, is on the phone non-stop with CBS, in an attempt to hammer out a deal, Drudge reports. But given his loose-cannon reputation, Stern could be a controversial choice. The report said some network executives were against hiring the talk-radio personality.

Jon Stewart, host of Comedy Central’s “Daily Show” has also been approached about the Letterman job. Stewart had previously been tapped by CBS to replace Tom Snyder as host of his late-night talk show, but late in the game, opted for Craig Kilborn. Stewart then replaced Kilborn as host of the “Daily Show.”

Stern previously ran afoul of CBS president Les Moonves after the network dropped Stern’s Saturday night talk show, Drudge reported.


Do i need to come up with a headline for evey single story?!?!?

Mick Jagger and Willie Nelson may cameo on the new Matchbox Twenty album.


The original star was Tim Allen. I don’t think so, Tim!

Mike Myers is set to wear the Cat’s hat.


I’ve always said she was Number One!

Alanis Morissette’s “Under Rug Swept” at number one debuts.


CBS makes a counter offer

While ABC has a $31 million offer on the table for him to leave, CBS has offered Letterman $31.5 million to stay.


This will eventually be a trivia question

George Strait helps close the Houston Astrdome.


Uh oh!

Everclear is getting political for their next album.


She’s lovely!

If you have been searching for answers, here’s five questions with Natalie Imbruglia.