Another Legend Has Passed Away

Actor Lawrence Tierney has died at the age of 82.


So it’s settled then, I have narrowed down the 11 cities I will be moving to

New Star Wars to Donate Some Proceeds

“Star Wars: Episode II รณ The Attack of the Clones” will premiere May 12th in 11 cities to raise money for children’s programs. At each premiere, some theater seats will be reserved for disadvantaged children.

“Throughout the years, `Star Wars’ films have entertained generations of children,” George Lucas, creator of the films, said in a statement on the movies’ Web site. “I’m delighted that these premieres will provide an opportunity to benefit the children who need it the most.”

Cities where charity premieres will be held are Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto and Washington.

The movie, introducing Hayden Christensen as the young adult Skywalker, opens commercially May 16.


Name the new James Bond film!

Director Lee Tamahori has announced that he is waiting for the fans’ title for the “Bond 20″ feature. So, Suggest a title for James Bond 20.

Here’s my idea: “Please Don’t Suck”


Bond 20 News

After hurting his knee while filming, and taking some time off, Pierce Brosnan will return to the James Bond set on March 4th, 2002.

And Mr. White has been cast in the movie too!!!!


Big night tonight on TV tonight! (That headline from the department of redundancy department)

I don’t know what any of them look like. I don’t know who will win. But I can tell you before I have seen a second of footage that the majority of the 16 “castaways” are idiots. Call it a hunch, but I just have a feeling! “Survivor: Marquesas” debuts tonight.

Hey, can I ask a question…Had anyone heard of Marquesas before it was announced that they were making a Survivor there?!??! I know I hadn’t, and I’m a world traveller.

Oh well, the show debuts tonight at 8 pm Eastern Time. And feel free to call me when it’s on!


You might not understand this headline

The hampster rolls on!!!!


The one good thing that happened

Okay, so I found some good news regarding the awful Grammy Awards show, the lovely Nelly Furtado won her first ever Grammy Award.

Congratulations Nelly! You are “Furtadolicious”!!!


I still can’t believe how bad the show was!

If you need to know, or are just a might curious, here’s the full list of the 2002 Grammy Award winners.


I think he meant you! Or possibly me.

At the 44th Annual Grammy Awards the Academy President urged fans to stop downloading music off of the internet.

Admitedly, I was downloading the new Lisa Loeb CD at the time. Oops!


It stunk! It was a stinker! I’ve showered 7 times since it ended last night and I still have the stench on me! It may very well have been the worst Awards show ever! EVER!!!!!!!

The 44th Annual Grammy Awards, celebrating the best in all fields of music, were handed out on Wednesday night.

I wish I had something nice to say about the show and the winners but I don’t. The entire 3 1/2 hour program was boring, slow, uninteresting and uninspired. There was no emotion and no great moments. There wasn’t even a tribute to the legendary Waylon Jennings, who died last week, and if it wasn’t for singer Kid Rock Jennings’ death would have gone unmentioned.

The Grammy Ceremony hit an all time low last night. Lower than even last year when Steely Dan’s unnoticed “Two Against Nature” won album of the year. Lower then when Jethro Tull won for “Best Metal Album.” Lower then when DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince won “Best Rap Performance”…

But, I guess I should digress. The show sucked, but there were winners. If you care, Alicia Keys won 5 Grammys, U2 4 and the “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” soundtrack was named Album Of The Year.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and shower again. I need thsi stench off of me. Man was that a horrible show!

Bring on The Oscars! And pray that they are better than The Grammy Show. Then again, how could they not be!