This Story Makes Me Feel Conflicted

The DVD Hacker guy vows to keep challenging the ruling against him.


Is Indy Racing To DVD?


Now then… this is UNOFFICIAL. We’ve been told by various sources that at least SOME work has been done to get Raiders of the Lost Ark closer to release on DVD. Word is that the films would be released one per year, as 2-disc special editions. And our friends at The have received an interesting report on this subject. Apparently, director Steven Spielberg paid a surprise visit to a film class at USC last week. During a Q&A with the students, he mentioned that he doesn’t do audio commentaries for his work because he thinks they detract from the film experience (which we already knew). More importantly, however, he revealed that he recently turned down a request from George Lucas to record commentaries for the DVD release of the Indiana Jones films. Which confirms that at least some serious thought is being given by Lucasfilm to releasing them. Does that mean we can expect to see Raiders on disc in 2002?

Only George Lucas knows for sure.


It’s An Open Book

In her new book Rosie O’Donnell comes out to let everyone know about it.

Well it’s about time!


The Man Who Was There


The great Joel and Ethan Coen are in talks to write an update of the 1966 British caper comedy, “Gambit”, about a British thief who conspires with a beautiful woman to rob a rich guy of his expensive statue, but the heist is imperiled by a series of double crosses. Hugh Grant is in talks to star.


Back To The Future, Oops, Sorry…Back To The Past

Some of Hollywood’s major studios will announce a competitor to the DVD on Wednesday. Something called a Video.


A Legal Update

Universal has secured an order against ads promoting the movie flop “Rollerball.”


I Didn’t Even Know About This Movie!

The lost View Askew film comes to DVD

In 1995, between the production of “Mallrats” and “Chasing Amy”, the cast and characters from those films took a side trip to make a small independent film relatively unknown to fans of the View Askew Universe. Although not directed by Kevin Smith himself, the film weaves in and out of his worlds and the surreal nature of his films. Drawing Flies is coming to DVD soon from indieDVD.

Slackers in Vancouver B.C. lose their welfare checks and head for a cabin in the woods to save cash or so they believe. In actuality their guide Donner (Jason Lee) leads them further and further into the forest on a delusional pursuit of Bigfoot.

Two audio commentaries will accompany the film, the first with directors Malcolm Ingram and Matthew Gissing, the second with actors Jason Lee, Jason Mewes, Renee Humphrey, Carmen Lee and Producers Scott Mosier and Kevin Smith.

An introduction to the film by Scott Mosier and Kevin Smith explains the film, and additional footage integrated into the film, bloopers, deleted scenes, and several stories by Kevin Smith round out the features.
Described by Smith as “the best film that we were ever involved with, that was shot in Canada, that wasn’t Good Will Hunting.”,

“Drawing Flies” is coming to DVD on February 26th with a suggested retail price of $19.98.


So Who Got Snubbed?

Whenever there are people who get nominated for awards there are people who don’t get nominated. Want to see who got snubbed by the Screen Actor’s Guild Award nominations.

I’ll give you a hint, they deserved to be nominated!


The Oscar Race Just Got Clearer

The Screen Actors Guild has named it’s award nominees. Generally the people nominated for SAG Awards get an Oscar nod as well.


I Sure Hope Not!

Was Van Halen dumped from Warner Bros. Records?