I hope it is as good as “Knight Rider 2000″! The horrible TV movie they made.


Revolution Studios and David Hasselhoff have announced plans for a big-screen version of Knight Rider, the NBC series that starred Hasselhoff as super cool crime fighter Michael Knight and featured William Daniels as the voice of his high-tech Trans Am, K.I.T.T.

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Just so you know, the trailer for the next Lord of the Rings installment, “The Two Towers,” will debut in theaters on March 29.


He’s doing well


Robert Downey Jr. was back in court Tuesday, where he received a positive progress report for his drug treatment. He’s due back in court for another progress hearing July 19, at which time drug charges against him may be dropped.


How many times will this film be issued on DVD?

Men In Black Version 3.0

There back to save the world on DVD. Again.

Columbia has announced the full specs for that new Men In Black Deluxe Edition, the third version of the film on this format.

It’s not going to be a true Superbit Deluxe release, and it also drops the DTS track, but other than that, you should find just about all the extras included on the previous releases.

Disc one includes anamorphic widescreen and full screen versions of the film and English 5.1 and English and French 2.0 Dolby surround tracks, along with the video and audio commentaries with director Barry Sonnenfeld and actor Tommy Lee Jones and the technical crew.

Disc two features the “Men In Black Documentary,” extended and alternate scenes, storyboard comparisons, conceptual art gallery, scene editing workshop, the Will Smith music video, trailers, and new to this DVD, an MIB II teaser trailer and Secret Files: Sneak Peek at MIB II.

DVD-ROM extras include “The Weapons Of MIB” overview, “MIB Headquarters dossier, interactive games and weblinks.


My predictions will be here on Friday

After months of downplaying itself, Hollywood Shifts Back to Glamour on Oscar Night.


Click at your own risk! Spoiler Alert!

The Man Who Must Be Stopped Get A Scoop

As a “reviewer” he is so bad and awful that he has become the plague of the motion picture business, and the internet, but since I believe in giving credit where credit is due, I’m happy to let you know about this. Harry Knowles has published the first review of “Star Wars: Episode II- Attack Of The Clones.”

Read it at your own risk! I’m waiting for the movie.


Here’s a page to bookmark!


Ever wonder what movies are being released soon?

Well, here’s a look at all of the Coming Soon movies.


Personally, I’m sure this will be one of the highlights of the Television season

PET project draws raves

Trudeaumania swept through the Museum of Civilization in Ottawa Thursday night as close to 200 people gathered for a special screening of the CBC four-hour mini-series Trudeau.

“I think it’s fantastic that the CBC has brought this story to life,” remarked Heritage Minister Shiela Copps while chatting with Sen. Ross Fitzpatrick and actor Colm Feore, who plays Trudeau in the series.

Feore says he spent a lot of time doing research for the role, going over hours and hours of radio transcripts, legal notes and newspaper articles to get more of a perspective on the man Trudeau was and the legacy he left behind.

“It was really a remarkable role to play,” he commented, while adjusting the red rose on his lapel.

“Trudeau was such an interesting character.”

One man who has a particular insight into the Trudeau years, former External Affairs Minister Mitchell Sharp, also attended the event, and was able to swap stories with R.H. Thomson, the actor playing him in the series.
“I was thrilled to get this part. The man that I portray has had a long career built on honesty and integrity, and that’s something that doesn’t appear too often anymore,” said Thomson, further stating that doing the series allowed him to see something many Canadians never get the chance to witness — the dynamic both inside the cabinet, and that which existed between Sharp and Trudeau.

Also attending the pre-screening reception were Herb Gray and actors Patrick McKenna and Don McKeller, who play a fictonalized executive assistant and communications consultant.

Noticeably absent from the screening was Trudeau’s ex-wife Margaret and their sons Justin and Sasha.
Trudeau airs on the CBC March 31 and April 1 at 8 p.m.


At this point there is no way he will!

Spencer Tracy did it. Tom Hanks did it. They both won Oscars for Best Actor in back to back years. Will Russell Crowe go two for two?


But the first one hasn’t even opened yet!

A sequel to “Spider- Man”, which doesn’t open until May 3, is already being weaved.

So then it must be good!