This Award Is Called A “Bafta”

The Awards seaons rolls on as Britain announces it’s British Academy Film Awards nominees.


What’s Coming Out On DVD Soon, Dan?

It’s been a busy weekend of searching the internet to find out the release dates for some of the DVD titles you are curious about, but here is what I found out:

Universal’s “Back to the Future Trilogy” is set to street in July, with “E.T.- The Extra Terrestrial” following in August. Warner’s “The Majestic” is tentatively set for May 12th. A “Blue Velvet: Special Edition” in the works for release later in 2002 at MGM, along with “Spaceballs” and “Thelma & Louise.” Warner’s “The Color Purple” is also expected to be released as a special edition this year, as are “Amadeus” and “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” (the latter will both be 2-disc releases).

Fox’s “Speed: Five Star Collection” should be announced soon, although “True Lies” has been pushed back on the slate, probably due to the September 11th attacks.

Criterion is working on “The Fireman’s Ball,” and has plans to do Wes Anderson’s “Bottle Rocket” and “The Royal Tenenbaums” as well. Artisan is working on “Glengarry Glen Ross” for March, and the long-awaited “Frank Herbert’s Dune: Special Edition” (for mid-year).

They also have the “Reservoir Dogs: 10th Anniversary Edition” (due in July now), and a special edition of “It’s a Wonderful Life” due in September that’s expected to include lost footage. A new special edition of “Stargate” is also due in September.

The good people at Columbia TriStar are already at work on “Black Hawk Down,” and their “Jerry Maguire: Special Edition” is due by mid-year.

And finally, Warner Bros. is planning to street their 2-disc “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” on May 28th, 2002. And their remake of “Ocean’s 11″ will arrive on DVD on May 7th.

There! Now you are as up to date as I am.


I Feel So Old Watching That Channel Now

I spent some time watching MuchMusic this weekend for the first time in a long time. The problem that has kept me away from the channel was that the only person on the channel that has anything engaging to say is a sock puppet. None of the on -air “humans” have anything to say. My dilemma here is that I like to watch music videos, but have no outlet that serves me.


And this weekend proved that MuchMusic is no longer interested in having people like me, 34 year old pop culture and music lovers, as viewers.

This weekend an 18 year old Vancouver guy won MuchMusic’s VJ search. Now I spent some time watching the kid that won, so I have to ask, how hard did they look in their “search”?

Like I said, I feel so old watching the channel. Maybe I should just play my old 8- Tracks and forget music videos.

But if my 13 year old nephew gets a job at MuchMusic next, I will watch again!

See you Much! It’s been nice knowing you!


Weekend Box Office

I almost hate to admit this, but the best film I saw this weekend was the chick- flick “A Walk To Remember.” But even though I went to see the movie it finished number two at the weekend box office and “Black Hawk Down” contunes to lead the North American box office race.


SAD NEWS! It Will No Longer Be Called “Goldmember”


International superspy Austin Powers has just lost some of his mojo to James Bond.

The title of the upcoming third installment of the hit comedy franchise “Austin Powers in Goldmember,” has been ruled ”inadmissable” by the Motion Picture Assn. of America (MPAA), following a protest by MGM/UA, home of the Bond films.

MGM and Bond producer Danjaq Prods. had claimed that New Line Cinema’s Austin Powers title was an unauthorized parody of 1964′s “Goldmember,” the third film in the Bond franchise.

New Line quietly took down its online promotional sites and began rescinding marketing materials on Friday, a day after the edict was handed down by the MPAA’s three-member title administration arbitration panel, but has vowed to appeal.

Until the issue is resolved, New Line said in a statement it would refer to the film as “the third installment of ‘Austin Powers.”’ It is scheduled for a July 26 release.

New Line added that “the issue currently in dispute does not pertain to the title or content of the film. Indeed, in 1997, New Line’s use of the title ‘The Spy Who Shagged Me’ was cleared by the MPAA. Thursday’s hearing was solely about a procedural infraction, and nothing more, between New Line and the MPAA, which we are in the process of resolving privately. We find it unproductive and will not tolerate any deliberate attempts to manipulate the facts in the press to further aggravate this matter.”

In case anyone missed the joke, “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me” echoes the title of the 1977 Bond film “The Spy Who Loved Me.”

Despite using titles such as “Octopussy” themselves, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, its United Artists unit and Danjaq have always been notoriously humor-impaired when it comes to the Bond franchise: they have been known to sic hard-hitting Hollywood litigator Pierce O’Donnell on auto companies that had the temerity to use a well-dressed spy as the subject of a TV ad.

Similarly, MGM and UA would have loved to put a stop to the use of “The Spy Who Shagged Me,” but when they registered a protest with the MPAA in 1997, New Line countered the suit and won. This time, New Line apparently failed to go through the proper channels in its counter and, for now at least, does not have the right to use the “Goldmember” title.

“MGM/UA and Danjaq have a zero-tolerance policy towards anyone who tries to trade in on the James Bond franchise without authorization,” an MGM spokesman said Friday.

Given MGM’s attitude toward its sacred Bond cow, it’s hard to believe that it would see fit to abandon its advantage at this point. New Line could conceivably fight the ruling under fair use in copyright law.

Rappers 2 Live Crew, for example, took their use of the Roy Orbison song “Pretty Woman” all the way to the Supreme Court, which then reached the explicit conclusion that a parody falls within the scope of the fair-use defense. It would, however, be impossible to market the film as “Goldmember” during that process.

A new title, then? New Line marketing president Russell Schwartz is certainly up to the task, but it would be a brain teaser: “Goldmember” is the name of one of four characters that ”Powers” star Mike Myers portrays in the film.


I Took Karen Paynter To My Prom

He was a kid who didn’t know how to relate to people so he took a Playboy Plamate to his prom.

I hope they keep in touch. Karen Paynter and I have drifted apart over the years.


I Sure Hope It’s A Good Song!

In what I hope isn’t a bid to be relevant again Pearl Jam honours Joey Ramone of their new single.


This Is Worth Repeating!

I told you about this last week, but I am still so excited about it that it must be reported again: Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy and Cameron Diaz will all be returning for “Shrek 2.”

Whoooo hooooo!!!


His New Video Stars Anna!!!!!

Enrique Iglesias bumps George Harrison from the top of the UK charts.

The video for the chart topper stars Jennifer Love Hewitt. Iglesias’ next video will stars Anna Kournikova. Oooh man, is she sexy!!!


The Nominations Will Be Announced in Three Weeks!

For his work helping filmmakers Robert Redford will receive an Honorary Oscar.