Weekend Box Office Results

Somehow the absolutely dreadful “The Time Machine” tops the weekend Box Office charts.


The SAG Awards usually forecast the Oscar winners

History shows that in the majority of occasions whoever wins The Screen Actors Guild Awards becomes the Oscar Favourites. Right now Russell Crowe and Halle Berry are your favourites.


The Alphabet Network Speaks

ABC finally comments on their secret talks with David Letterman.


Mariah’s on her way back. Or is she?

Mariah Carey is negotiating for a new record label.


If you want to soar with The Eagles

The Eagles are considering bypassing the traditional record labels for their new album.


I enjoy Frings, but I like Rings too

The Announcement Comes On Tuesday, But Not This Tuesday

If you just can’t wait to find out what New Line’s plans are for the Lord of the Rings DVD release(s), well, you don’t have much longer to wait. As is the case these days with big releases, we just received an announcement of… the announcement.

On Tuesday, March 26, New Line will be prepping the world for the new Lord of the Rings DVD and VHS releases, and needless to say, it’s gonna be huge! So check back on March 26 for the big news…


I hope it gets better after repeated viewings

Paramount adds a dash of Vanilla Sky

Fresh off his success from his Oscar nominated film “Almost Famous”, director Cameron Crowe dove into the remake of the Spanish film “Open Your Eyes” that became the thriller “Vanilla Sky.” That version, which stars Tom Cruise, will come to DVD this spring from Paramount Home Entertainment.

David Aames appears to lead a charmed life. Handsome, wealthy and charismatic, the young New York City publishing executive’s freewheeling existence is enchanting, yet he seems to be missing something. Then, in one night David meets Sofia, the girl of his dreams, but loses her by making a small mistake. Thrust unexpectedly onto a roller-coaster ride of romance, comedy, suspicion, love, sex and dreams, David finds himself on a mind-bending search for his soul and discovers the precious, ephemeral nature of true love.

Put on disc with the traditional Dolby Digital 5.1 audio and anamorphic widescreen transfer, “Vanilla Sky” comes with an audio commentary by director Cameron Crowe, composer Nancy Wilson and actor Tom Cruise, the featurettes Making Of “Prelude to a Dream” and “Hitting It Hard”; music videos for “Afrika Shox” by Leftfield/ Afrika Bambaataa, a theatrical trailer, production stills and an audio introduction by Neal Preston.

“Vanilla Sky” will touch down on May 21st with a suggested retail price of $29.99.


Hey Dan! What’s new in theatres this weekend?

Ah yes, it’s Friday, and time for our weekly look at what’s new in theatres.

Three films will invade your local multiplex for the very first time over the next few days, but sadly only one of them is worth even an iota of your time! And that one is only barely worth said time. I’ll save the iota worthy entry until last.

Let’s start with All About The Benjamins, the feature film debut from the director of the Savage Garden music video for “I Knew I Loved You.” In the very least that video featured the lovely Kirsten Dunst.

All About The Benjamins doesn’t have Dunst, it has dunces!

Rap star turned actor-producer-cowriter Ice Cube is busy keeping his eyes on the chedda in this cheesy action flick. As a small-time bounty hunter, Cube befriends a two-bit con man, who falls into a murder/diamond heist switcheroo just after winning the lottery and losing the ticket. Yeah, these guys are keeping it real. Real stupid! The term “Benjamins” is slang for dollars, so if your life is all about not wasting your “Benjamins”, avoid this flick and keep them in your pocket.

In Canada, the slang for a dollar is “Loonie”, so in our home and native land this movie would be called “All About The Loonies.”

And “All About The Loonies” could also be the title of a documentary that might someday be made about the people who thought another cinematic version of H.G. Wells’ classic The Time Machine was a good idea. Now I don’t want to say that this new version is bad, although it is really, really bad, so let me just say this, and you can quote me: This new version of The Time Machine is worse than Battlefield Earth. And I am not exaggerating in the slightest.

The director, Simon Wells- who is no less than the great-grandson of H.G. Wells- doesn’t care a whit about respecting his family’s good name. Wells tries to convey an imaginative story, one which would stimulate our brain waves in the year 2002, perhaps to think, “If I had a chance to take a trip in a time machine, would I accept the challenge and, if so, would I go into the past or the future? How many years?” But his efforts are all for naught and at it’s conclusion the film is lacking in both resonance and interest. Seriously, The Time Machine is worse than Battlefield Earth!

Quite frankly, it made me want to watch Back To The Future, a good time travel movie. That great film even featured some Canadian content in the form of Michael J. Fox.

Canadian content, in many forms, is the goal of the other new film being released this weekend, and this is the one that is worth an iota of your time!

Men With Brooms was written, directed, filmed, produced and performed by Canadians, lead by “Due South” staple Paul Gross and the legendary Leslie Neilsen. It’s about love and curling, two sports played and enjoyed by many Canucks. But what could have been a fun film for, by and about folks from The Great White North suffers because it was made for, by and about folks from said North.

But that is why this is my “Worth An Iota Of Your Time” film of the weekend. I am a Canadian, I get the jokes, and I liked the movie. Yes, even though there are many, many, many, many, many things in it that make it a horrible movie, I liked it! It could have been exceptional! But it’s not. It could have been great! But it’s not. It doesn’t usurp Bob & Doug McKenzie’s “Strange Brew” as the best Canadian movie ever made, but I liked it!

Maybe I am just too proud a Canadian to not like it. That said, I warn you that Men With Brooms is not a great film, as I said it is actually very bad in parts, but it is still better than the 2 American films coming out this weekend.

But I doubt that it will be better than the Yankee films coming out next weekend; “Showtime” with Robert DeNiro and Eddie Murphy and the computer animated “Ice Age”, so enjoy this slice of Canadiana while you can.

And go out and get a copy of “Strange Brew” as well. After all these years, it’s still the best Canadian movie ever made!

Enjoy the popcorn and I’ll see you at the movies!


This could be the most depressing news you hear all day! DAMN THE CRTC!!!!!!


You’ll have to watch the new trailer for “Star Wars: Episode II- Attack Of The Clones” online as it won’t air in Canada.

Our people called the CRTC and the Global TV network and they both confirmed that the trailer wouldn’t be showing Sunday here in Canada.

Then they called LucasFilm directly and spoke to Lynne Hale, director of promotion, for some explanation. Although she confirmed the information and explained why, she also told us that the trailer will be available on the Star Wars web site on Sunday evening as soon as the showing on Fox was over.

So, it seems like we’ll have to go and see Ice Age after all.


Well, it’s not quite a mop and not quite a puppet, but man…

More info on Simpsons Season 2

The box set containing all the season two episodes from “The Simpsons” is coming on June 11th, 2002, and I have some new information on it for you!

In addition to audio commentaries on all episodes except the episode Blood Feud, the final disc of the four disc set will contain interviews with James L. Brooks, and Matt Groening, Bart on the American Music Awards with commentary, “Do the Bartman” video with optional commentary, “Deep Deep Trouble” video with optional commentary, “Do the Bartman” director’s cut video, David Silverman on the creation of an episode, licensing and merchandising review, Emmy Awards presentation, 3 Butterfinger commercials, foreign language clips, galleries of still photos, Barbara Bush letters, animation and magazine covers, early drawings, and the season 1 DVD trailer.

Awesome, dude!