An Update


An autopsy on the body of director Ted Demme was inconclusive, but the cause of death “…appears to be natural causes,” says a spokesperson for the Los Angeles Coroner. More tests will be forthcoming.

Demme, the director of The Ref and Blow, died Sunday after collapsing at a basketball game. He was 38.


It’s A Pretty Good Video

N Sync singer, and Mr. Britney Spears, stars in the new Elton John video. As a young Elton John.


Want To Own A Studio?

MGM is reportedly on the auction block.


I Still Can’t Believe Whoopi Is Going To Be Hosting The Oscars Again!!! Oh, Sorry, This Story Is About The Grammys…Man, Whoopi Goldberg At The Oscars Again, I am still in shock!!! She Was Horrible! Really, Really Horrible!!!! Oh, Sorry Again, This Is A

Comedian, and the host of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart is going to host The Grammys.

Man, Whoopi Goldberg, Ouch, why? WHY!!!!!!!!


The Money Is Going To Charity

Harrison’s rereleased “My Sweet Lord” is on it’s way to NUmber One in Britain.


W.G.A.- Stands For “Writers Guild Of America”

The Sopranos and The West Wing dominate the W.G.A. nominations.


Her Hair Is Fine

Jennifer Aniston was slightly hurt Tuesday in a car crash in Los Angeles.


Long Live The King!

After flirting with the Fox News Channel Larry King is close to a renewal deal with CNN.


How Many Do You Have?

How many of The Simpsons action figures do you have? What action figures you ask? Find out! Here’sThe Simpsons Action Figure Information Station.

Thanks for the tip Rod!


They Have Gorillaz, Canada Has Prozaak. Which Would You Rather? Which One Would Make You Think, “Man, Am I Glad To Be From (That) Country!”

Much in the same vein as Prozaak leading the way at the Junos a few years ago, Gorillaz are dominant at the Brit Award nominations.