And none of us will likely watch

Ellen DeGeneres may host a daily TV talk show next season.


I guess she’s earned the right


Mariah Carey is playing hard to get and who can blame the pop diva who got nearly $30 million just to walk away from her last gig?

“There are three or four big labels aggressively pursuing her. Mariah’s a smart business woman and is taking her time before she makes any decisions,” said Carey’s spokeswoman on Thursday.

Carey, who got $28 million to part ways with EMI Group’s Virgin Records in January, is now talking with Vivendi Universal’s Island Def Jam, run by Lyor Cohen, AOL Time Warner Inc’s Elektra Entertainment Group, run by Sylvia Rhone and J Records, run by music legend Clive Davis.

Music industry sources said Carey has also talked with Warner Brothers Records, another label under the AOL Time Warner umbrella.

Carey, who has had more number one songs than anybody except for Elvis Presley and the Beatles, had a falling out with EMI after her album and movie, both titled “Glitter”, fared poorly.

The artist, who is set to star in an upcoming film with Mira Sorvino, also suffered a breakdown from nervous exhaustion in the past year.

Warner and J Records declined comment.

But in an interview with Reuters on Thursday, Universal Music chairman and chief executive officer Doug Morris acknowledged the company was in talks to sign Carey.

“We are trying to sign her,” he said, adding that he was aware that he was competing against Davis at J Records and Rhone at Elektra. “I’m not sure who’ll get it, but we have a very good chance,” he said.

He declined to comment on possible contract terms, but its a foregone conclusion, according to industry sources, that Carey’s next deal will be valued far below the estimated $80 million to $100 million EMI originally agreed to pay.

Under the buyout pact, Carey got $28 million to walk away and retained another $21 million previously paid to her when the EMI contract was first signed in April 2001.

Carey’s fallout with EMI reflected some of the difficulties facing the music industry as labels have paid huge sums of money for certain artists who have not panned out during a turbulent year when sales are hit hard by free online music swapping.

The recording companies are also dealing with a coalition of pop stars who have raised concerns about industry accounting practices.

But despite the industry’s woes and Carey’s rollercoaster year, the labels are anxious to get Carey, who has become one of the biggest selling pop artists of all time since her former husband Sony Music Entertainment chief Tommy Mottola discovered her as an 18-year-old waitress.


Yup, she’s goofy. And HOT!


Actress Cameron Diaz said she isn’t goofy just when the cameras are on รณ she’s goofy in real life, too.

“I have pretty much behaved this way my entire life, which was probably more adoring when I was a a child than as an adult, when I’m sure it’s less attractive,” Diaz said, laughing.

Her new movie, “The Sweetest Thing,” co-stars Selma Blair and Christina Applegate and is a “raunchy, fun, screwball comedy,” Diaz said.

“We’re not being serious here. You’re meant to come in and have a good time,” Diaz said. “You’re meant to sort of leave everything else behind, all judgment, and just come in and have a good time, have a laugh.”

In the movie, Diaz said she had a great film filming the montage of scenes where she did impressions of Madonna in “Desperately Seeking Susan,” Olivia Newton-John in “Grease” and other actresses.

She also does a lot of physical humor.

Diaz said as long as she puts on plenty of padding and knows how to throw her weight and exaggerate her movements, she doesn’t get hurt when she falls.


Now that’s Ted Danson money!

Even though it would have meant $1 billion, an Abba reunion was not worth the pressure or the disappointed fans, according to former member Bjorn Ulvaeus.

So I guess the question as to whether or not they need the money has been answered.


From the “Where Are They Now File”

Olivia Newton- John will have a new CD released next month.

I wonder. Has she ever been mellow?


Hopefully that will appease them


The Simpsons executive producer James L. Brooks issuing an apology (sort of) to the city of Rio de Janeiro after its tourist board threatened to sue Fox over a recent episode. “We apologize to the lovely city and people of Rio,” Brooks says, “and if that doesn’t settle the issue, Homer Simpson offers to take on the president of Brazil on Celebrity Boxing.”


Which one will you watch? Which one will you tape? Which two will you ignore?


NBC is slating their two-hour reunion special “The Cosby Show: A Look Back” for May 19. The show will go up against the two-hour series finale of Fox’s “The X-Files,” the two-hour season finale of ABC’s “The Practice” and the three-hour wrap-up of CBS’ “Survivor: Marquesas.”


It’s finally official!

Austin Powers 3 is once again (legally) called “Austin Powers In Goldmember.”

I did like “You Only Shag Thrice” as an alternative, though!


Sunday night. 8 pm, baby!

The 2002 Juno Awards are getting ready to take over St. John’s, bye!

And there is no truth to the rumour that Shaggy is staying with my Mom!


But will she be a knock- out?

Marvin Gaye’s daughter will fill Aaliyah’s role in “The Matrix Reloaded.”