Quick total recap


“A Beautiful Mind” took home four Oscars Sunday night, including Best Picture and Best Director (Ron Howard). “The Lord of the Rings- The Fellowship Of The Ring” also took home four trophies, but in lower-profile categories.

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Plus if you are wondering why Best Actor nominee Will Smith was not in the audience when his category was announced. He and his wife, Jada Pinkett, were called home for a “family emergency,” a spokesperson said.

Everything is reportedly okay now.


More music in ’02 from U2?

U2 could release some new music this year

U2 fans who were disappointed that the band won’t go ahead with a rumoured summer tour of Europe can take some comfort in news about how they’re spending their time instead: in the studio.

The band’s manager, Paul McGuinness, has announced that the group has already begun work on a follow-up to “All That You Can’t Leave Behind.”

The results could see release before the end of the year.

“U2 would like to clarify that, contrary to certain speculation in the press, they will be neither touring Europe this summer, nor splitting up,” McGuinness said in his statement.

“Instead, they are spending time in the studio working on new material for a possible release later this year.”

Recording a quickie follow-up the multi-platinum, Grammy-snagging “All That You Can’t Leave Behind” will mean an accelerated release schedule for the Irish quartet. There was a three-year lull between “ATYCLB’s” release in late 2000 and “Pop,” which was issued in 1997. The latter album came four years after “Zooropa,” which came two years after “Achtung, Baby” in 1991.


Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster entered the “Panic Room” and tackled her latest role head-on.


So, how did you do with your predictions Dan


In Short form, I got 4 of the 6 I predicted correct.

I said:

Actor- Denzel Washington
Actress- Sissy Spacek
Supporting Actor- Ian McKellen
Supporting Actress- Jennifer Connelly
Best Director- Ron Howard
Best Picture- A Beautiful Mind

I was wrong about Best Actress, which was won by Halle Berry for “Monster’s Ball” (See my thoughts on that and her below).

Now I know and admit that I got it wrong, but in my defence in my predictions I did write:

“BUT- What about Halle Berry?!??! The glamorous beauty played unglamorous and was very, very naked and effective in a very emotional movie. Plus she won the Screen Actorís Guild Award in this category, usually a quite accurate barometer of who will win the Oscar?!?! And, Oscar usually likes to surprise in this category by giving the award to an actress who comes out of nowhere and gives an awesome performance, see Hilary Swank in ìBoys Donít Cry.î”

So I don’t feel so bad about being incorrect.

Regarding the other one I was mistaken on, the fabulous Jim Broadbent was the evening’s biggest upset, over the predicted Ian McKellen, when he won for “Iris.”

And I have no qualms about that one either as Broadbent was the year’s Best Overall Supporting Actor. Of the 5 ladies nominated for Best Actress he worked opposite 3 of them, Judi Dench, Nicole Kidman and Renee Zellweger, in their respective films. So he won, and he deserved it.

And I had 4 of the 6 major categories that I predicted correct. For what I Wrote about them, click on ARCHIVE on the left of this page, under the logo, and visit the postings for March 22nd.

Here’s hoping you won your Oscar Pool!


Okay Dan, now that your predictions recap is out of the way, what did you think of the show?


Sunday night’s telecast of the 74th Annual Academy Awards is one that had a few highlights, but far too many lowlights. I’ll recap the bad first and get it out of the way.


The biggest problem of the night was the host. She may have been funny once, although I can’t recall when, but the woman who’s current claim to fame is that she is the centre square on the remake of the TV game show “Hollywood Sqaures” should be banished from the Oscar stage. She wasn’t funny, she had nothing to offer, and for an program that requires a host that is as big as the event itself she is…, well she is the centre square on the remake of the TV game show “Hollywood Squares.”


She did the same thing when she won the Emmy for “Introducing Dorothy Dandridge” a few years ago. She thought the Award was given not for her performance but becuase the voters wanted to award her colour. I find it hard to believe that any of the 5700 people thought to themselves, “Hmmm, let’s give it to Halle Berry to make up for decades of injustice.” Sorry, but the award was given to her because of what the voters thought of her performance in “Monster’s Ball.” Period.

When she decided that it was done as a political statement and blathered on about “…opening the door…” and being pleased that she was “…the person people can now aspire to follow in the footsteps of…”, plus thanking everyone who ever worked for her and demanding more time because her award was “…74 years overdue…” she lost the empathy of the audience, the viewers, and the guy writing these words right now.

Yes, she won the award, but she lost the chance to ever win again. People want to be happy for the winner, not uncomfortable because of what they say. She said the wrong things and I hope she enjoyed her career’s lone Oscar highlight.


The good begins with Woody Allen. As a huge fan of his and someone who has always wanted to see him just show up at The Academy Awards, I got my wish. I had no idea that he would be there and even as horrible host Whoopi Goldberg stumbled through her over- written introduction I still had no idea. The Woodman always foregoes the evening, even when he is nominated, to play jazz with his friends and band. To see him there, and to have him be so funny, and spot on with his comedy, made me wish that he was hosting. He was my treat of the night.


After 15 tries the man who loves L.A. and has mixed feelings toward short people finally won an Academy Award. You could tell by his speech that he was genuinely moved, and so was I! Congrats, Randy!


In the end I will take away the class and grace that was displayed by Denzel Washington and Sidney Poitier while accepting their Awards. There place as upper- statesmen in Hollywood was ensconced forever in my opinion. I’ll also fondly remember the Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson skit, and have many dreams about how great Jennifer Connelly and Jodie Foster looked.

It wasn’t the worst Oscar show I’ve ever seen, but it was close. In the end, my suggestion would be bring back producer Laura Ziskin, continue to produce short films to honour the evening’s various showcases, and try and have one Woody-esque size surprise every year. But retire Bruce Villanch and his stale writing team. They just didn’t seem to have anything interesting or topical for the presenters or host to say. And that host must go as well!

Back to the centre square with her!

And congratulations to all of the winners!


This is the entire list of Winners

If you need definitive proof here is the complete list of winners at the 74th Annual Academy Awards.


Again, did there performances have anything to do with it?

History was made at Sunday night’s Oscar ceremony.



“Shrek” Won The Best Animated Feature Oscar

“Shrek,” the uproarious anti-fairy tale that proved a monster hit at the box office, on Sunday won the first ever Oscar for a full length animated feature.

The computer-animated tale of an ugly green ogre with a talking donkey as a sidekick triumphed over competitors “Jimmy Neutron” and “Monsters, Inc” from Walt Disney Co — which has traditionally dominated the world of film animation. Shrek was made by rival studio Dreamworks.

“Shrek,” with its satire on modern culture ranging from theme parks to romance, proved a hit with both children and adults and became one of the highest grossing films of last year. It took more than $250 million at the U.S. box office alone.

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science decided to inaugurate an Oscar for animated features to recognize the strides made in the art form.


He’s been rewarded for a great career, and his performance did have something to do with it!

Denzel Washington is the Best Actor winner.


Y’see, her performance had nothing to do with it!

Halle Berry wins for Best Actress.