It’s a sad bit of news, indeed!

They haven’t cancelled it, but Fox isn’t ordering any new episodes of the underrated “Futurama.”


It’s time to start the music, it’s time to light the lights…

The Muppets are heading back to TV.

The Hollywood Reporter says NBC Studios and Muppet masters The Jim Henson Company have signed a deal to produce “It’s A Wonderful Muppet Christmas Movie.” The special, which will air during the holiday season, will feature cameos from NBC stars, the report said.

“It’s perfect for the new approach that we’re taking with our movies in looking for things with pre-sold, pop-culture appeal,” NBC’s Jeff Gaspin told The Hollywood Reporter.

“What’s always great about the Muppets is that there’s enough sophisticated humour to appeal to adults, while the puppets appeal to children.”

Although the Muppets have been featured in a variety series and specials, this is the first time the characters will be included in a made-for-TV movie, the report said.

And the special will have an added attraction: the first romantic clinch between Kermit The Frog and Miss Piggy.

“Their kisses have always been instigated by Piggy before, but this time Kermit comes to his senses, and it will be a very romantic kiss,” Henson president Juliet Blake told The Hollywood Reporter.


Today’s best news!

Sniff, sniff!… I am so happy! Baseball’s pitchers and catchers have opened Spring Training.

Take me out to the ballgame, take me out with the crowd…


Go Canada, go!

Last week’s episode of “The Simpsons” was one of the best ever and now this week’s looks just as good! The Simpsons come to Canada.

Well, some say Canada. Others, Toronto.


So who’s the guy this time?

Alanis comes clean on her new song and her teen affair.


Hey Dan, I know I’m going to be watching the start of the Olympic Men’s ice hockey tournament all weekend, but in case I need to get out of the house, what’s new in theatres this weekend?

Well first off, GO CANADA, GO!

Secondly, you are in luck! There are 5 new films opening this weekend. Unfortunately your luck is not very good as neither are these new films.

But let me start out on a positive note. Last week I was whining that the Oscar bait films Monster’s Ball and In The Bedroom weren’t playing at a theatre near me. Well now that they have gone from Oscar bait, to Oscar nominated that is changing! I get to see In The Bedroom later today and Monster’s Ball will finally open in my region next week. Woo hoo!

But I digress. As I mentioned there are five new films opening this weekend, so let me get to those:

Bruce Willis and Colin Farrell have both made great films, and will make great films again some day. That some day is not today! Hart’s War could have been the great war film that “Behind Enemy Lines” and “Black Hawk Down” weren’t, but instead of being unique, it gets bogged down by trying to be all things to all people. At it’s conclusion, it ends up being nothing for nobody. (Is that proper English?)

Crossroads doesn’t star a nobody. It stars pop princess Britney Spears as a young lady who is not a girl, not yet a woman. The movie is not great and it is CERTAINLY not for Britney’s young female fans, but she is surprisingly not bad! She’s no Mandy Moore, but Britney is okay in the movie.

Hey, do you remember another movie with that title? Well, hot off of “The Karate Kid” Ralph Macchio starred in a movie called Crossroads back in 1986. I wonder where he is now. I wonder where Britney Spears will be 16 years after her roads cross…

And it’s a cross Dad who’s mad at the state of the medical system in America that’s at the center of John Q. Denzel Washington was great as “Malcolm X”, but this movie is more than just 8 spots behind that landmark last letter in the alphabet. With a cast that also includes Robert Duvall, James Woods, Ray Liotta and a pre- crazy Anne Heche this movie could have been great! But it is surprisingly ineffective. I wanted to care, I really did, but in the end all I could think about was that Duvall’s character’s name was FRANK GRIMES. How can you take a serious drama serious when one of the lead’s names is Frank Grimes!

You can’t!

And you won’t take anything serious away from Super Troopers. It’s fun, frilly, frothy, stupid vaccuous entertainment with many laughs. Now if I can just stop singing that Abba song of the same name!

Ah yes, Abba, a band from my youth! A time when I was just a young boy who didn’t have to grow up. But now that I am almost 34, it might be time I lose my so- called “Peter Pan Complex” and act a bit more mature…

NO WAY MAN!!!! Especially when Peter Pan is back in theatres in Return To Never Land. And yes, this is a Disney movie with Peter Pan and not some documentary on victims returning to Michael Jackson’s house for vengeance. Although that might make a good movie too!

No, in Return To Never Land Wendy’s daughter Jane is kidnapped by Captain Hook and Peter must come to the rescue.

Ah, to be young again! I won’t grow up! I’ll never go to work! In fact, I think I’ll go to the movies!

Go Canada, go, and I’ll see you at the movies!


I’ll believe it when I see it!

Peter Gabriel’s long awaited new album is in “final stages”

For music fans who’ve been wondering — is Peter Gabriel down with O.P.P. — we’ll soon get an answer.

Gabriel, whose long-delayed new album “Up” is in the final mixing stage, appears as a guest on Naughty By Nature’s forthcoming album “iicons.”

Gabriel’s official website says producer Tchad Blake (Ron Sexsmith, Crowded House) is giving “Up” a final mix, while Gabriel gives the album’s lyrics a one last reworking.

Among the guest musicians appearing on the five-years-in-the-making “Up” are Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, the Blind Boys Of Alabama, former Fleetwood Mac guitarist Peter Green, and Nick Drake bassist Danny Thompson.

The site says, once and for all, that “Up” will be released in 2002. His last studio album was 1992′s “Us.” The site also said that Gabriel has remixed his catalogue of albums for a reissue campaign to be launched by Virgin’s U.K. division this spring.

Meanwhile, Billboard reports Gabriel managed to find time to contribute to Naughty By Nature’s cut “Fight Back.” The album also contains contributions from Queen Latifah, Method Man and Redman, Pink, and a host of other guests. “iicons” is due in record tores April 23.

Hopefully that is April 23, 2002!


How would you like to be that guy?


Because only three producers can be eligible to win the Best Picture Oscar, the Producers Guild of America ruled on Wednesday that Tim Sanders is the odd man out for The Lord of the Rings, which had four producers listed in the credits. Should LOTR win the Oscar, Peter Jackson, Frances Walsh and Barrie M. Osborne will take home the prize.


As long as she doesn’t end up with the killer


Meg Ryan is in talks to star in an erotic thriller titled “In The Cut.” The film is slated to be directed by Jane Campion, who made “The Piano.” According to Variety, the film is about a New York writing teacher who becomes sexually involved with a detective tracking a murder.


This should be awkward, but great TV


Robert De Niro will host “9/11″, a two-hour CBS documentary that will include never-before-seen footage from inside the Twin Towers during the September 11 evacuation. The special will air March 10 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.