I’ve seen it already and even though I have been dying to tell you about it, I can’t publish my reveiw of it until Wednesday, TOMORROW, April 24th. So come back tomorrow for my review of “Spider- Man” Oh, and,

Even though there is a new “Star Wars” film due in less than a month, “Spider- Man” tops many Spring Movie Previews.

But not mine, I’m excited about “Star Wars!”


To no one’s real surprise…

…Eminem is dressing up like Osama Bin Laden for his next video.


Awesome! They are 2 of my all- time favourite!

McLachlan, Bryan Adams record duet

A recently recorded duet between Bryan Adams and Sarah McLachlan will likely have the unique distinction of being the latter’s last recorded work before becoming a mom.

Adams and McLachlan recorded the ballad “Don’t Let Go” three weeks ago for Adams’ soundtrack to the upcoming DreamWorks animated film “Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron.” The actual sessions for the song were conducted a mere two days before McLachlan became a mom, Adams’ spokeswoman, Kim Blake, said.

“It was very close,” Blake told Canoe on Monday. “(Adams) wanted to get it done, in case anything happened (with the pregnancy).”

McLachlan and husband Ashwin Sood announced earlier this month that their first child, a girl named India, was born on April 6.

McLachlan recently took a six-month break from work on the follow-up to her 1997 studio album “Surfacing”. She had completed nine songs for the project before going on hiatus.

“Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron” is due in theatres May 24, and the soundtrack is expected in stores May 14.

While most animated films are created after the music has been composed, Blake said Adams was approached to write music for “Spirit” once the movie had been completed.

“Don’t Let Go,” the duet with McLachlan, was composed specifically for the film. While the song will appear on the soundtrack, it is one of three tracks on the album that will not appear in the finished movie, Blake said.


In case you bought one

Universal will replace Spy Game

One of the inevitabilities of a complicated format like DVD is the occasional poorly transferred disc making it to stores. Such is the case with the Universal Studios Home Entertainment and the recent release of the wanna be thriller Spy Game.

Many viewers were disappointed to learn that the subtitles were acting very strange on their players, particularly Sony and Toshiba models.

Universal has admitted their error and has agreed to replace any defective discs with a new fixed version. If you need to replace your disc, send the disc without the case to:

Spy Game DVD Return
PO Box 224468
Dallas, TX 75260


Here’s a tie- in for you

Spider-Man: The Ultimate Villain Showdown is arriving on DVD

To tie in with the theatrical release of Sam Raimiís live action version of Stan Leeís Spider-Man, Buena Vista Home Entertainment is releasing the animated version of the movie on DVD.

Spider-Man: The Ultimate Villain Showdown pits Spider-Man against his greatest foes. It is head-to-head action against such super-villains as the Green Goblin, the sinister doctor Octopus, the monstrous criminal The Kingpin and more, and the film also reveals the origins of Spider-Manís arch-enemy, the Green Goblin himself.

Scheduled for release on April 30, ìSpider-Man: The Ultimate Villain Showdownî will also include Interviews with legendary comics creator Stan Lee, as well as the classic 1967 Animated Episode The Origins of Spider-Man. A Villains Gallery and cool menus round out the release.


To be, or not to be…

Was Shakespeare gay? (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!)


Wasn’t there already a “Punisher” movie? Yes, I think there was!

Marvel Enterprises, the comic book giant on a roll in Hollywood with the recent “Blade” sequel and the upcoming “Spider-Man” film, hopes to turn “The Punisher” into its latest feature franchise.


Some people call me Dan- o

Get out your lei’s! Dreamworks has booked a “Hawaii Five- O” feature film.


Rest In Peace

Linda Lovelace has died at the age of 53.

Doesn’t that make you feel old…


Welcome to O.J. II

Former actor Robert Blake’s murder case reads like a movie script.

Fast Fact- Did you know he began his career on “The Little Rascals” TV show?