If you need a film for tonight, Valentine’s Day…

…here are some Romantic Movies even guys will like!


Just in case you are not in love…

…here are some Anti- Valentine’s Day movies.




Finally announced are the full specs for that long-in-development special edition of Cameron Crowe’s Jerry Maguire, due out from Columbia TriStar on 4/30. This two disc set looks pretty dang impressive, featuring a new 1.85;1 anamorphic widescreen transfer, English 5.1 and English, French, Spanish and Portuguese 2.0 surround and subtitle tracks, and plenty of additional extras.

Disc one also features an audio commentary with director Cameron Crowe, and actors Renee Zellweger, Cuba Gooding, Jr., and making his first audio commentary appearance ever, Tom Cruise.

Disc two features a separate transfer of the film featuring a new video commentary, also with Crowe, Cruise, Zellweger and Gooding, deleted scenes and rehearsal footage with optional commentary (and including Courtney Love’s screen test with Cruise!), the original making-of featurette as well as the “My First Commercial” and “Drew Rosenhaus: Sports Agent” clips, the Bruce Springsteen “Secret Garden” music video, trailers, and text supplements including the original Jerry Maguire “Mission Statement,” filmographies and production notes.


Just check it out!



Brooms get Hip

Two new Tragically Hip songs will appear on the soundtrack to the film “Men With Brooms.”

Sweeeeeep!!!! Sweeeeep!


Who needs who more?

‘Friends’ Star Perry Seals ‘McBeal’ Deal

Matthew Perry has a new lawyer in his life: “Ally McBeal.”

The “Friends” star, who just signed for a ninth and final season of the hit sitcom, is closing in on a deal to guest star in two upcoming episodes of David E. Kelley’s Fox comedy-drama. It marks one of the few times that Perry has appeared in a television series other than his own show, where he plays newlywed Chandler Bing.

He will play a “cocky, successful and opinionated attorney who wreaks havoc on Ally’s personal and professional lives,” a spokesman for the show said. His two episodes will be combined into a special two-hour “Ally” event set to air in April.

As always, the Kelley camp is keeping mum on specifics of the Perry episodes. However, Perry’s appearance is set to coincide with that of another previously announced guest thesp, Christina Ricci.

“Matthew Perry displays a strong presence and natural comedic ability on his other TV project, which makes him a natural choice for ‘Ally McBeal’,” said “Ally” co-executive producer Alice West.

Perry is the latest in a long line of guest stars to do turns on “Ally” this season, the show’s fifth. Others who’ve made appearances include Jon Bon Jovi, Jami Gertz, Tom Berenger, French Stewart, Elton John and Mariah Carey.

Perry’s recent feature credits includes “The Whole Nine Yards” and “Fools Rush In.”


So who made the worst film of 2001?

Mariah Carey and Tom Green are the early contenders for the 2001 Razzie Awards.

My vote is split two ways: Pearl Harbour and A.I..


This weekend at the box office

The top 10 movies at the North American box office

The following are the top 10 movies at the North American box office for the February 1-3, 2002, weekend, according to studio estimates collected Sunday by Reuters. Final data will be issued Monday.

1 (1) Black Hawk Down ……….. $11.5 million

2 (2) Snow Dogs ……………… $ 9.9 million

3 (5) The Count of Monte Cristo .. $ 9.0 million

4 (3) A Walk To Remember ……… $ 8.8 million

5 (4) A Beautiful Mind ……….. $ 8.5 million

6 (6) The Mothman Prophecies ….. $ 7.5 million

7 (8) The Lord of the Rings …… $ 6.6 million

8 (7) I Am Sam ………………. $ 6.5 million

9 (9) Kung Pow! Enter the Fist … $ 3.8 million

10 (+) Slackers ………………. $ 3.0 million

10(10) Orange County ………….. $ 3.0 million

NOTE: Last weekend’s ranking in parenthesis. “+” – new release. “Birthday Girl” opened at No. 12 with $2.5 million.


The Mac is getting a Grammy!

Yes, this is a true story! Apple Computer is getting a Grammy!

Or as it will soon be known, the iGrammy!


But do WE want her back?!?!?

After getting more publicity than many stars who weren’t “retired” Celine Dion says she’s ready for a comeback forcing many to ask, “Was she away?”

Here’s hoping it’s a St. Louis Rams sort of comeback!