Houston, we’re now in Imax

IMAX To Convert Hit Films, Starting With APOLLO 13

IMAX has announced it is converting Ron Howard’s APOLLO 13 from a 35mm film to the 15/70 IMAX format. APOLLO 13: THE IMAX EXPERIENCE is expected to open in theaters this summer.

In related news, Howard is reportedly currently scouting locations in Texas to possibly direct the historical drama THE ALAMO…deep in the heart of Texas!


Maybe now I’ll watch the show

Hurt, Stiller Guest on KING OF QUEENS

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY reports William Hurt and Ben Stiller will guest star on the 100th episode of the CBS sitcom KING OF QUEENS, airing on May 20th. Hurt will play a psychiatrist who treats the Heffernan family, while Ben will play the father of his real-life father, Jerry Stiller, in a family flashback.


Sam’s The Man!

Samuel L. Jackson lets out secrets about his role in “Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones”. Beware, this story contains spoilers about the upcoming film.


Happy Anniversary!

NBC will be celebrating it’s 75th anniversary in May with appearances from classic NBC stars.


But I was watching them!

Bond’s License Revoked by ABC

Secret agent James Bond has finally encountered one predicament even he can’t escape: cancellation.

After weeks of progressively lower ratings, ABC has lived and let its Saturday night “Bond Picture Show” franchise die.

ABC had been airing the Bond movies in chronological order (except for the George Lazenby starrer “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”) starting with “Dr. No” Jan. 26.

But viewers were neither shaken nor stirred by the programming strategy: in eight airings, the “Bond Picture Show” averaged only 6 million viewers. The second Bond flick, “From Russia With Love,” pulled the most viewers (7.1 million).

There were four pictures– “The Spy Who Loved Me,” “Moonraker,” “For Your Eyes Only” and “Octopussy” — yet to air.

ABC originally purchased the Bond movies as fall 2001 contingency programming in the event of a writers or actors strike. With no strikes, coupled with the events of Sept. 11, the network pushed 007 to midseason.

ABC will revert to more recent repeat theatricals on Saturday nights. The leftover Bonds may show up sometime on ABC this summer; after that, Viacom networks TNN, CBS and UPN paid $30 million to take over broadcast rights of the classic features starting this fall.


Are you to blame? Am I?!?

Music Biz Falls Off the Scale

Analysts fear the worldwide music market plummeted 10% in value to $33 billion last year — the worst drop in record business history.

Official stats are due April 16 from the industry’s trade group the Intl. Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), but the estimated scale of the downturn has alarmed observers.

Much of the blame is laid on pirated music downloaded from the Internet, especially in the United States, as well as more consumers burning copies of CDs. The IFPI reckons that for every CD purchased, another is burned.

Meanwhile, organized piracy is still on the rise, particularly in Asia and Latin America.

Record companies, however, are hoping that 2001 will prove the bottom of the downward slide.

The industry was heavily hit after the Sept. 11 attacks on the U.S., but it has closed illegal Web sites such as Napster and launched anti-piracy initiatives this year.


Is it still relevant? Or even necessary?

Napster has delayed it’s relaunch as it is still looking for deals.


It better be better than The Majestic! It had better be!

Jim Carrey takes “Almighty” gig.

Well, alllllllllllllllmighty then!


Baseball movies rock!

John Travolta is in early talks to star in “Mr. 3000,” about a baseball player who unretires when three of his past base hits are disallowed, dropping him below the esteemed 3,000-hit plateau.

Sweeeeet! I’m in line already!


Here’s One Reason The Sales Of DVD Players Will Increase This Year

“Lord Of The Rings'”on DVD and Video August 6th, 2002.

The theatrical version of “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” debuts on video Aug. 6, followed Nov. 12 by an extended edition that will add about 30 minutes to the three-hour film.

The theatrical release was rated PG-13, but distributor New Line said Tuesday the extended version probably would be explicit enough to carry an R rating.

The August DVD release will come in a two-disc set with two hours of bonus material, including a 10-minute sneak preview of the second chapter in the film trilogy, “The Two Towers,” due in theaters Dec. 18.

The longer version of “Fellowship of the Ring” will come in a four-disc set with six hours of extra material, including behind-the-scenes looks at how director Peter Jackson recreated J.R.R. Tolkien’s mythical land of hobbits, elves and wizards.

Jackson shot all three films simultaneously. Part three, “The Return of the King,” hits theaters around Christmas 2003.

“Fellowship of the Ring” was nominated for 13 Oscars and won four on Sunday night, for cinematography, makeup, original score and visual effects