A September to remember!

MONSTERS INC., Is Arriving in September

DISNEY has scheduled MONSTERS INC., for release on video and DVD on September 17th. Both the VHS and special-edition two-disc DVD will include a new scene which is being produced exclusively for the release.


Me likes that Sarah girl!

Peter, the one who got kicked off first, talks about being voted off “Survivor: Marquesas.”


No! No! Nooooooooooooo!!!!

“Billy Jack” could be on his way back with…Keanu Reeves?!?!?!

And that is sad, sad news!


Koppel Speaks

Ted Koppel responds to the David Letterman rumours.


Big New Day On DVD!!!

One of my favourite films of all time makes it’s DVD debut today.

It’s the SPECAIL EDITION of Cameron Crowe’s SAY ANYTHING starring Ione Skye and John Cusack who join Crowe for a witty and enjoyable commentary.

When you’re an 18-year-old boy, or when I was an 18- year-old boy, Lloyd Dobler was/is the guy you want to be: fearless but fragile, self-assured but shaky, handsome but humble, passionate but a little bit pretentious, and above all things, a kickboxer. If you’re an 18-year-old girl (or 25, or 37), Lloyd Dobler is the guy you want to be with. As we’ve put forth recently in these very pages, Cameron Crowe’s Say Anything… is the modern romance that resonates like no other, and it is, like so many great films of the ’80s, a movie that many of us first found on video. So it only seems right that its wizened heart beats loudest on DVD.

The centerpiece of this disc — which also boasts a bevy of deleted, extended, and alternate scenes — is the commentary by Crowe, John Cusack, and Ione Skye, which starts a full 20 minutes before the actual film begins and allows Crowe to tell of the film’s genesis and his kickboxing ex-neighbor named Lowell. It’s full of everything you want in a commentary: production anecdotes, playful banter, and performer revelations (during the scene in which Lloyd teaches Diane how to drive stick, Skye offers: ”If we didn’t have boyfriends or girlfriends, this would’ve been the day we would’ve gone home together”). And the movie still hums, like an old flame, after all these years.

Man I love this movie!!! And now this DVD!


Today’s New Releases

A few of today’s New Music releases answer 2 of the age old questions: 1) Where are they now, and 2) Are they still alive. See which ones answer those questions for you:

Here are the new music releases for Tuesday, March 5th, 2002.

LISA LOEB Cake and Pie (A&M)
ANIKA MOA Thinking Room (Atlantic)
BRANDY Full Moon (Atlantic)
CHOCLAIR Memoirs Of Blake Savage (Virgin)
CRUSH Here (Warner)
GERI KING Deja Vu (Tenderly, The LP) (Nuendo Music Group)
GILBERT BECAUD Encore Plus de Becaud (EMI)
M2M The Big Room (Atlantic)
MULL HISTORICAL SOCIETY Loss (Warner International)
PRO-PAIN Shreds of Dignity (Spitfire)
SIX FEET UNDER Six Feet Under (Universal)
TESLA Standing Room Only (EMI)


James Bond 20 News

Madsen to play recurring role in Bond films

“Reservoir Dogs’” Mr. Blonde now has a new job as James Bond’s sidekick.

The website reports that actor Michael Madsen has taken on the role of CIA operative Damian Falco in the as-yet-untitled 20th Bond film.

Plot details are being kept to a minimum, but the site said Bond goes undercover to combat the villain, Colonel Moon. The site also said cast members were required to learn how to surf for the film’s trademark, action-packed opening sequence.

“It’s not a big role but it’s somewhat pivotal in that it introduces a new recurring character”, Madsen says of his role.

“Most of my scenes are with Judi Dench (as M), who is a delightful human being.”

Madsen told the site his character will return in the 21st Bond film, and that he has also lined up a role in “Kill Bill,” which will reunite him with his “Reservoir Dogs” director Quentin Tarantino.

Madsen’s character in “Kill Bill” is named Budd. He lives in a trailer park in Texas and is brother to the film’s title character.

He says he’s still hopeful of reprising his “Reservoir Dogs” character for a proposed “Pulp Fiction” prequel, which would incorporate characters from several Tarantino films.

“If there is a God … it will still be made,” Madsen told


The suits have seen it!

The folks at CBS have watched their September 11th Documentary.


Happy Anniversary folks!

An exhibit and a new book mark the Reagan’s 50th Wedding Anniversary.


Check the name on this kid!


Anne “Celestia” Heche giving birth to a baby boy, “Homer Heche Laffoon”, Saturday in Los Angeles. It’s the first child for Heche and hubby Coleman Laffoon, who tied the knot in September.

The kid’s name is Homer Heche Laffoon! Man is he going to get beaten up a lot! And then when the kids start teasing him that his mother used to live with Ellen… Well, let me just say that I feel so sorry for this kid! No baby should have to be born that far behind the 8- ball!