It’s My Fault! I Forgot To Watch It On The Second Week. Sorry!

Hank Azaria’s show has been yanked by NBC after only 2 weeks.

In a weird twist of fate, I’ve never been in a sitcom and I have done almost as many episodes as Hank Azaria.

Up next, I aim to score as many goals as Donald Brashear!


To No One’s Surprise…

…the re- release of George Harrison’s “My Sweet Lord” soars to the top of the British charts.

Are the North American charts next?


No Mariah Carey Didn’t Win Best Actress

After a week of fun in the snow, “Personal Velocity” takes top honours at the Sundance Film Festival.

The next big festival in Utah? The Winter Olympics!

And it’s doubtful Mariah Carey will win there either.


The Golden Globes Have Set The Stage For Oscar

The Academy Award nominations don’t come out for almost a month, but with “A Beautiful Mind” winning 4 Golden Globes, and “Moulin Rouge” recieving 3, the stage is set for Oscar.

Here’s the complete list of Globe winners and (now) Academy Award front runners.

But just remember, just because someone wins, doesn’t mean they deserve to.


Weekend Movie Box Office

“Black Hawk Down” goes up to number one at the weekend box office.

Dan’s review?: A great, but flawed movie.


The Magazine Has Stopped Talking

Talk magazine will be shutting down after it’s February issue.

Don’t blame me, just because I never read an issue. Oh, wait, maybe you should blame me!


I Guarantee You There Will Be No Hype Surrounding This Episode

Your prayers have been answered! David Duchovny will return for The X- Files season finale.


Hey Dan, What’s New In Movie Theatres This Weekend?

Well, new this weekend in theatres is Ridley Scott’s “Black Hawk Down” and Cuba Gooding, Jr. leads a team of “Snow Dogs.” Personally, I am finally going to get a chance to see the luscious Jennifer Connelly, and some guy named Russell Crowe, in “A Beautiful Mind.”

Yes, could I get a large popcorn and a medium Dr. Pepper please…


Giddy Up!!!

Director Ridley Scott is working on the ultimate “Blade Runner” DVD.

Ridley, here’s a request: Put both versions of your movie, with and without narration, on the DVD.


Here’s A Question For You

Does the new TRON DVD hold the key to the sequel?

You’ll have to answer it on your own.