I saw “The Hangover” and I was very, very, VERY disappointed in it!! I had hoped for a better movie, but it looks like people enjoyed it anyway.

‘Hangover’ hurls up huge numbers with $86.5M debut LOS ANGELES – Hollywood’s hangover is a lot bigger the second time around. “The Hangover Part II” hauled in $86.5 million in its first weekend, putting Hollywood on course to set a […]

“The Hangover” had better make it’s money this weekend, because after word gets out about how bad it is, it won’t continue to make it!!

Box Office Preview: A $100-million-plus ‘Hangover’ LOS ANGELES – There will be no headache for “Hangover Part II” this holiday weekend, with North American ticket sales expected to exceed $100 million. And unlike the pain of last Memorial Day, there […]

My fingers are crossed that Season Two is better!!!

Brent Butt is living his dream Brent Butt feels like an NHL player. Without the skating, bodychecking, concussions and inexplicable refereeing, that is. “Without getting maudlin, this is what I wanted to do since I was a kid,” said Butt, […]

I am soooo stoked for this one!!!!

The New Big Lebowski Blu-Ray Really Brings The Room Together The Dude is going high-def (as opposed to merely high) with a new limited-edition Blu-ray this August. Universal Studios Home Entertainment has released full details for the August 16th release, […]

Here’s hoping that it is better than “Spider-Man 3”!!!

Sam Raimi writing ‘Evil Dead 4’ Sam Raimi, who created the low-budget “Evil Dead” series of horror films, has told Empire magazine he’s working on a fourth movie. While Raimi has often said he’d like to reboot the series with […]

11705 – They always seem to irate their fans, don’t they?!?

Metallica dismisses fan complaints Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has slammed fans for complaining about the sound quality of the group’s latest album Death Magnetic – insisting the unpolished finish was intentional. Hoardes of rock fans have hit online music forums […]

I do love me my Anne Hathaway!!

Carell, Hathaway smarten up as new Max, Agent 99 LAS VEGAS – Steve Carell did not necessarily see the Maxwell Smart in himself. Everyone else did, including co-star Anne Hathaway and the studio behind the big-screen “Get Smart,” which simply […]

Jackie, just so you know, most people weren’t fans of those films!

Jackie Chan no fan of ‘Rush Hour’ series HONG KONG – “Rush Hour” put Jackie Chan in Hollywood’s major leagues, but the Hong Kong star isn’t a fan of his successful action comedy franchise. Chan said when he made the […]

On a rooftop?!?! How Beatles of them!!

Original Beach Boys members reunite LOS ANGELES – The surviving founders of the Beach Boys ó Brian Wilson, Mike Love and Al Jardine ó made their first public appearance together in 10 years Tuesday, standing atop the historic Capitol Records […]

The film is stupid fun and she looks amazing!!

Simpson Puts Up Her ‘Dukes’ in New York NEW YORK – In the eyes of Jessica Simpson, Daisy Duke is an “iconish” figure. During her co-hosting gig Friday on the syndicated TV show “Live With Regis and Kelly,” Simpson said […]