The Simpsons

Me hope it goes on 4 ever!

D’OH OR DIE The upcoming “Simpsons” movie will either “kill the show or completely reinvigorate it,” the long-running animated series creator says. While still in the earliest stages of production, a “Simpsons” movie is definitely on the way, creator Matt […]

Well Harry, it still makes me laugh!

Mr Burns’ voice slams The Simpsons The actor behind The Simpsons’ evil millionaire Mr Burns and Homer’s annoying neighbour Ned Flanders has slammed the comedy, claiming the last three seasons of the hit animation have been the “worst”. Voiceover star […]

I bet its Krusty! My moneys on Krusty!!

‘Simpsons’ Tackles Homersexual Marriage LOS ANGELES ( First, Homer Simpson learned to respect homosexuals after gay antique dealer John (voiced by John Waters) saved him from a herd of angry reindeer in “Homer’s Phobia.” Then, in “Three Gays of the […]

Oh yes, baby!! Oh yes!!!!

‘Simpsons’ to Have Own Super Bowl Controversy LOS ANGELES ( On Sunday, Feb. 6, 2005, FOX will host Super Bowl XXXIX. And while the announcers will more than likely go out of its way to not mention Janet Jackson and […]


Doh! – Homer’s Catchphrase Tops British Poll LONDON (Reuters) – Homer Simpson’s emphatic exclamation “Doh!” has topped a British poll of favorite TV comedy catchphrases, easily beating an array of home-grown classics. The bumbling hero of American animated TV series […]

This makes me happy!

‘The Simpsons’ Cast Returns to Work with More D’oh LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The actors who provide the voices for Homer, Bart and the rest of the cartoon stars of Fox TV’s “The Simpsons” will return to work this week […]

This would suck!!

Fade To Yellow? USA Today outlined Fox’s options since the vocal cast behind THE SIMPSONS are holding out for more money. The net has enough episodes in the can to last them to January next season, but they are looking […]

This sounds like fun!

‘The Simpsons’ Creator to Guest Star NEW YORK – Matt Groening, creator of “The Simpsons,” will make his first guest voice appearance on Sunday’s show, Fox network said. Although Groening’s image has appeared on “The Simpsons,” including a framed photo […]

Me wanna see this!

Smith Wants to Kid Around for ‘Simpsons’ Movie LOS ANGELES ( – Yeardley Smith, who plays the squeaky-voiced Lisa Simpson on “The Simpsons,” hopes that the series’ writers will maintain her character’s childlike qualities for the feature film. “If they […]

I didn’t do it! Nobody saw me do it! You can’t prove anything!

Simpsons-Related Dear Abby Column Pulled KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Somewhere in Springfield, state unknown, Bart Simpson is in detention, filling a chalkboard with the words “I will not write a fake letter to Dear Abby.” Well, it probably wasn’t Bart’s […]