To paraphrase TLC- “Yes ‘Scrubs'”

Some surprises and some expected cancellations as NBC announces its new fall schedule.

Duh duh duh duh duhhh

Can you believe it? “Law & Order: Dragnet” has found a home!

What?!? No Bubba TV?

Clinton: Hosting TV Show Unlikely Former U.S. President Clinton said it’s unlikely he’ll start a new career as a television talk show host but admitted the idea had some appeal. Clinton met with NBC executives last week in Los Angeles […]

Giddy- Up!

Was There A “Seinfeld” Reunion In The Works? According to a top-level source at NBC they tried to launch a Seinfeld reunion special. Unfortunately, the Peacock network had just one feather lined up for the fanciful event. “Julia Louis-Dreyfus was […]

Donna is hot!

The West Wing Finally Gives Face It’s Martin Sheen versus James Brolin! Does the winner get Barbra Streisand? Does the winner want Barbra Streisand?

It’s true, except for the fact that the girl from “Alias” is my wife

COUCH POTATOES THINK Ć«FRIENDS’ REALLY ARE Repeat after us, TV fans: Tony Soprano, Frasier and Seinfeld are not really your pals, even though you may think they are. A new study found people watching TV believe they have an improved […]

This could be funny

Robin Williams Solo Set for HBO Robin Williams will return to HBO this summer for a live comedy event, marking his first solo TV special in more than 15 years. His last one, “Robin Williams: An Evening at the Met,” […]

I quite enjoy Sweeps

NBC Dominates Ratings Week NBC celebrated its 75th anniversary with a dominating week in the Nielsen Media Research ratings, taking the lead during the important May “sweeps” period. The network’s three-hour anniversary gala Sunday night from Rockefeller Center was watched […]