This is the first of three straight Television stories

Cool! Blink-182 will be the guest stars on the 300th episode of “The Simpsons.”

I think I watched Fox more, but everything I watched was cancelled

The Ratings Are In! The Ratings Are In! NBC has won the 2001- 2002 televison season crown.

Don’t let the door handle hit your ass on the way out!

Good Riddance Rosie O’Donnell says goodbye to the world of daytime TV today.

Seriously, who gives a rat’s ass?!?!

I Watched “The X- Files” (Beware December 22- 2012! Beware!) An estimated 25.6 million people watched the fixed “Survivor: Marqueses” on Sunday night.

Blah, Blah, Blah!

THERE’S A NEW FRIEND Rachel giving birth to a baby girl with the assistance of Ross on the season finale of Friends Thursday. Then, in an unexpected twist, Rachel accepted Joey’s inadvertent marriage offer. The show drew an estimated 34 […]

The FRanchise Is Dead! This Show Now Sucks! More specifically, the cast of this current installment really, really sucked!

This Show Is So Rigged It Isn’t Funny! I Can’t Explain Why Without Sounding Racist, But Wow! Rigged, Rigged, Rigged! It Is Rigged! Vecepia `Vee’ Towery Wins ‘Survivor: Marquesas.’

If familiarity breeds comtempt then we are all in trouble!

As Long As “The Simpsons” Is Still On…What Do I Care With their new TV schedules the networks are seeking stability and familiarity.

“The X- Files” Close For Good On Sunday Night

Scully, It’s Me X-Files Set for Greener Galaxies with Series Finale.

Wow! Did my series get picked up?

The Fox network does a complete overhaul, adding 10 news shows. To compare, the other networks averaged 4 to 5 new shows.

Do do do do do do do doo, do do do do do do doo!

The ‘M*A*S*H’ 4077th Gang Reunites on Fox.