Me likey her!

Christa Miller Ready to Leave THE DREW CAREY SHOW Christa Miller, who plays Kate on THE DREW CAREY SHOW, has announced that next season will be her last. Said Miller, “I’ve had a great run with Drew, but it’s time […]

Sweet Jesus (We allow it’s use here on this site)!

“JESUS” IS NOT ALRIGHT WITH THEM ABC drawing criticism from the Reverend Jerry Falwell after it bleeped out the word “Jesus” from a recent episode of The View. A network spokeswoman said ABC doesn’t allow the use of the word […]

Get in the kitchen and get me some pie

Hee hee hee! This Is Fun If you are bored, make your own SOUTH PARK character.

Who would want to watch these morons?!?

Oasis Wants the Osbournes Treatment Godfathers of Britpop Oasis have joined the stars lining up for the fly-on-the-wall treatment made famous in the hit show “The Osbournes,” which followed rock singer Ozzy Osbourne and his family. Tour-bus footage of the […]

So do I

Voice of Bart Dreads ‘Simpsons’ End It’s been on the air since 1989, but “The Simpsons” actress Nancy Cartwright said she hopes the Fox TV series will go on forever. “I just want to say right now we are in […]

So she does get her looks from her Mom

‘Alias’ Will Lean on Olin as Spy Mom Lena Olin will join the cast of ABC’s “Alias,” signing on for a guaranteed 16 episodes next season. She’ll play the mother of secret agent Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner) whose identity served […]

Whooooo hoooooo!!!

Now Is Your Chance To Catch Up On One Of The Year’s Best Shows NBC is giving us a Summer “Scrub- a- thon!”

The books are actually about something, instead of nothing, which is nice for a change.

JERRY’S RETURN?!?! ABC is giving the greenlight to a new half-hour comedy based on the bestselling series of books, “Letters From a Nut,” featuring introductions by Jerry Seinfeld. The books feature writer Ted L. Nancy (who some, myself included, believe […]

Here’s hoping for Gratuitous nudity

E! Busts Out with Anna Nicole Smith Bio Series From aging rocker to embattled Playmate: The first new cable bio series to follow MTV’s hit “The Osbournes” will center on Anna Nicole Smith. E! Networks has greenlit a weekly half-hour […]

Maybe I can get Brian Williams’ old job!

Why Can’t Bob Cole Retire? NBC became the first major network to appoint a successor to its chief anchorman in nearly two decades, announcing Tuesday that Brian Williams will take over from Tom Brokaw on “Nightly News” in 2004.