Star Wars

Good for him! I would do it if I could!!

Lucas To “Cameo” in New ‘Star Wars’ Movie Star Wars director George Lucas will make a cameo appearance in the upcoming final film in the sci-fi series. Lucas is set to follow in the footsteps of Lord Of The Rings […]

I want one!!!

Mr. Potato Head goes to the dark side PAWTUCKET, R.I. (AP) ó A spud on the dark side. That’s how toy maker Hasbro Inc. is promoting its latest Mr. Potato Head figure, Darth Tater. The toy spud will be available […]

Save me a spot, dude!!

‘I’m Having The Time Of My Life Out Here’ SEATTLE – Are you ready for Star Wars: Episode Three? Don’t get excited just yet, the new movie doesn’t open until May. But for one Seattle fan, it’s never too early, […]

I am happy to know that I own a copy of it!

Lucas Wants TV ‘Star Wars’ Film Banned Moviemaker George Lucas wants his first Star Wars sequel banned, as he is so disappointed with its quality. The one-off, two-hour-long The Star Wars Holiday Special was originally screened on the CBS network […]

Ohhhh!!! It is awesome!!!

‘Star Wars: Episode III’ Trailer Debuts LOS ANGELES ( – Darth Vader is coming. George Lucas disciples will have a chance to view the new trailer for “Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith” on entertainment newsmagazine “Access […]

George Lucas Declares ‘Star Wars’ Over After ‘Revenge Of The Sith’

Director says he never intended to make nine-episode series. Don’t expect any more “Star Wars” flicks after “Revenge of the Sith” ó George Lucas says he’s done. “This was never planned as a nine-episode work,” Lucas said. “The media [pounced […]

I agree with him, the first is still the best!

Actor Bids Fond Farewell to C-3PO LONDON (Reuters) – Bidding goodbye to the gold robot after almost 30 years, Anthony Daniels shed a nostalgic tear for the mechanical manservant who changed his life. “Oh yes, it was with moisture. This […]

Will you buy it?

Fans feel the Force In the most anticipated DVD box set of all time, Greedo fires first. And as fans and retailers alike can tell you, there are no insignificant details when it comes to George Lucas’ beloved Star Wars […]

Hayden Christensen is digitally inserted into the celebratory final scene of “Return of the Jedi.” Nooooooooooo!!!!

SECRETS OF ‘STAR WARS’ SPILLED IN 2-HOUR SHOW ‘STAR Wars” creator George Lucas says he almost landed Steven Spielberg to direct “Return of the Jedi.” That’s one of a number of revelations in a new two-hour A&E special, “Star Wars: […]

Here is some ‘Star Wars’ Stories

‘Wars’ Stories Here are five things we know about ”Star Wars: Episode III.” IN GENERAL The new bad guy, Grievous, is capable of attacking with as many as four lightsabers at once It took George Lucas 21 years, but he’s […]