It’s About Frickin’ Time!

Wendy’s Ads to Tribute Dave Thomas Wendy’s will honor its late founder, Dave Thomas, by adding a reference to him in commercials next month and putting posters of him in restaurants. Wendy’s International Inc. will describe food as being “prepared […]

The stuff that is going on between these 2 people is too funny to not cover it

THAT’S A NASTY CURVE Tawny Kitaen launching the latest salvo in her ongoing and increasingly catty divorce/custody battle with pro baseball pitcher Chuck Finley. She says Finley drives drunk, smokes pot and uses steroids. Finley had earlier blamed Kitaen’s drug […]

I’d still vote for him

Springsteen Says No To Candidacy Bruce Springsteen decided he wasn’t born to run for political office after all. Doug Friedline, a consultant who helped professional wrestler Jesse Ventura win the Minnesota governor’s race in 1998, had hoped to recruit Springsteen […]

He has my vote! (Of course, I don’t live in New Jersey)

Group Wants Springsteen for Senate Sure, Bruce Springsteen was born to run. But was he born to run for office? Political consultant Doug Friedline thinks so. He’s leading a campaign to get the Boss elected as New Jersey’s next U.S. […]

Here’s the funniest story you’ll read today

A St. Louis jewelry salesman who sold Penthouse Magazine a video of a topless sunbather misidentified as Anna Kournikova testified on Tuesday he mistook the woman for the tennis star because of the diameter of her nipples. Umm, if you […]

The bigger the cushion, the better the pushin’?

IT’S THE GLADI-EATER A British paper reports “Gladiator” heartthrob Russell Crowe is now fighting flab in preparation for his next big warrior movie role. Britain’s Sun newspaper says Crowe has packed on more than 20 pounds since his flex-flaunting role […]

Macca Is Going Bacca Up The Aisle Chewbacca (I needed to add the Wookie to the end to make it all rhyme a third time).

So it’s true. You can’t buy him love. Paul McCartney says that his kids are unhappy about his upcoming nuptuals.

So give it to her!

Roberts Pleads for Research Funds Actress Julia Roberts, choking back tears as she described the death of a 10-year-old girl with Rett syndrome, appealed Thursday for more money to research the neurological disorder that mainly afflicts young girls. “This is […]

Can Ozzy read?

Osbournes Get $3 Million Book Deal Dyslexic rocker Ozzy Osbourne and his colorful clan, the stars of MTV’s hit reality series “The Osbournes,” are now making waves in the publishing world. In a deal worth more than $3 million, the […]

It wasn’t true!

Scotty Is Recovering We reported yesterday that James Doohan, who played Scotty on STAR TREK, had slipped into a coma. Now comes word from Doohan’s agent, “James has been a client of mine for almost 30 years. For an 82-year-old […]